Pre-Wedding Skin Care Tips

By Melanie Mueller

In the midst of all the wedding planning, brides commonly overlook the health and appearance of their skin. You will be photographed more times on the day of your wedding than any other occasion, and you want your skin to look as amazing as your wedding decor. That also means you will scrutinize every blemish and line on your face! Let’s look at some common questions that brides have regarding their skin and preparing for their big day, and how you can get your skin picture perfect.

How soon should I work on skincare prior to my wedding day?

Skincare should be an everyday routine because your skin is constantly changing and constantly under internal and external stressors like diet, stress and pollution. If you are not on the right skincare regimen, you may be doing more harm than good to your skin. The best thing to do is schedule a facial with a master esthetician so that you can get a good understanding of what your skin is lacking and what you can do to fix it. You will want to schedule an appointment with an esthetician about six months prior to your wedding to really give your skin time to heal and develop. If you are getting engagement photos taken, you may want to schedule six months before those are taken.

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Neilson-Hall Photography

What do I need to do for my skin? I am not even sure what type of skin I have.

If you are not sure what type of skin you have or what the best routine is for you, consult a master esthetician for a skincare consultation. They will sit down with you and help you understand your skin better. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about skin, such as skipping moisturizer just because you have oily skin, scrubbing your face with soap everyday to help prevent pimples or using lasers to look 20 years younger. Everyone should sit down with a master esthetician at least once to understand their skin type and get some great practical advice.

There are five basic skin types: normal, combination, oily, dry, and sensitive. Your needs are different depending on your skin type. You want your skin to be fresh and vibrant, and if you are over cleaning or under moisturizing, your skin takes the brunt of it. For those with acne or acne scarring, microdermabrasion is an amazing treatment that has helped many. Depending on your needs, five to six microdermabrasions are recommended, each done one to two weeks apart and followed by maintenance once a month. Once you reach the maintenance stage, alternating microdermabrasions with hydrating facials is very beneficial.

I see a Master Esthetician regularly, but my fiancé doesn’t. Should he?

Men are practical, and when faced with situations in which multiple combinations and options are available, such as the skincare section, they either go for the most direct route or don’t do anything at all. If your fiancé has skin concerns, take him to see your master esthetician and put him under the lights so that he’ll look as amazing in the photos as you will.

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Hayes & Fisk Photography

My maid of honor has problem skin. How do I approach this without ruining our friendship?

Your maid of honor, or even your teenage sister who will be in your bridal party, may have acne, blemishes, or some other problem skin, and that could cause a lot of hurt feelings if questioned. An easy way to start the conversation is to have a spa party, gifting them each a facial or a facial and a massage. It is a great way to let the girls know how important they are to you, and it also introduces each of them to a master esthetician who will take it from there. (As a side note, inviting your soon to be mother-in-law to the event could provide some major brownie points for you, to be redeemed at a later date).

Inviting your mom and mom-in-law highlights another important point regarding wedding skincare. For many women, the signs of aging are most visible on the neck, décolleté and hands, and these areas are often neglected. Your wedding is a big day for your mom, too, and she is feeling the stress and pressure just as much as you are. When at the spa for your spa party, ask the esthetician about a microdermabrasion or facial for your décolleté and back, areas that will be visible. This is another reason why planning ahead, approximately six months out, is a good timeframe for wedding skincare planning.

Melanie Mueller is the owner of Scents of Serenity, Richmond’s only Organic Spa. For more information, visit

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Real RVA Weddings: Sara & Josh

June 29, 2013

How They Met

Sara and Josh met through Josh’s roommate during their freshman year at Clemson University.  They were both dating other people but got along great as friends.  Then, as luck would have it, Sara and Josh both became single over Christmas break.  On Valentine’s Day, Josh asked Sara out on their first official date: dinner and a Clemson basketball game – a little tidbit that will make their proposal story that much sweeter!

How He Asked

The two kept up a strong long-distance relationship when Sara moved to Kansas for graduate school.  On one of her visits, Josh planned a visit to Clemson, which is, of course, one of their favorite places.  The friends they were meeting for lunch were “running late,” so Josh suggested he and Sara kill some time by sneaking into Littlejohn Coliseum, the basketball arena where they had their first date.  Sara was so nervous about getting caught ...

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Keep Calm & Plan On

By Paula Ramirez

Brides-to-be have quite a bit on their mind during the wedding planning process —which venue to select, finding the perfect dress, staying on budget, etc. Between the bevy of details, it's easy to become overwhelmed. Stress can lead to meltdowns, but the good news is that there are ways to stay stress-free and balanced while planning your dream wedding.

First and foremost, make it a priority to hire professionals to assist you with your Big Day. It's absolutely 100% okay to not know what you're doing! It is each wedding professionals' jobs to help guide you through the planning process and ease your concerns. The key is to assemble a team that understands your vision so they will know exactly what you need.

You'll also want to invest in a personal planner, even if it is simply a binder to start. It will become your proverbial lifesaver, helping you stay on track with specific dates, ...

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Real RVA Wedding: Ashley & Phil

Our Cover Couple!

August 2, 2013

How They Met

Ashley and Phil met in a very Richmond way: in April 2011 at the Monument Avenue 10K! After the race, the two went to a VCU Final Four cookout with mutual friends and the rest is history.

How He Asked

Phil was going to propose at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens – but Ashley wasn’t cooperating that day. He ended up asking her in Ohio two days after Christmas 2012 in the middle of a big snowstorm! He popped the question in front of the gorgeous bay window in the house they now call theirs.

The Details

Since she and Phil would be moving to Ohio, Ashley wanted their wedding to have as many Southern touches as possible. Their colors, grey and dusty rose, fit perfectly with the classic, elegant and timeless feel she desired. What she and Phil wanted most of all, however, was to have everyone dancing and having ...

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Richmond Wedding Vendor Spotlight: eMotion Pictures Wedding Films

What could be better than reliving your wedding day on your 1st anniversary?  Of course you can look at your beautiful photos, but by hiring a videographer, you can hear your vows, watch yourself walk down the aisle in that dress and listen to the toasts all over again.  Read on to learn more about Chris Bryan, the president of eMotion Pictures Wedding Films and how he can help you relive your most special day.  We're pretty excited that he relocated to Richmond!

Tell us a little bit about your company!

eMotion Pictures is an award winning event videography company.

How did you get started in this business?

My parents are wedding photographers in Cincinnati, so it’s something I grew up around, but I never realized I’d get into myself. After I graduated from film school in New York, I got a job as a video editor for a company that had a hand in bringing coverage of the ...

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Falling Deeper in Love . . . One Step at a Time

By Eleanor Robertson

Your wedding day is fast approaching . . . have you taken dance lessons yet? Many couples plan on winging it or depending on the old-school cotillion steps they learned decades ago, but your first dance could be so much more than that. Think about it — this is the biggest event you’ve ever hosted. You don’t want to look like an 8th grader!

Learning how to dance isn’t really that difficult. Many couples don’t want it to be so complicated that makes it look like they took lessons. Instead, they prefer to look like they’ve been dancing together forever. A professional dance instructor can make that happen!

Most wedding dance sessions include anywhere from 4-10 lessons to work directly with your music and the parameters of your wedding. Once your instructor hears your song they can determine if it’s a Swing, a Foxtrot or a Two Step. Then the fun begins! Your instructor will ...

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Real RVA Weddings: Brooks & Amy

June 1, 2013

How They Met

Amy and Brooks met during their freshman year of high school where they both ran cross country. Amy for Saint Gertrude and Brooks for Benedictine. They remained great friends even when Brooks went to the United States Naval Academy and Amy went to Virginia Tech. During their sophomore year, the two realized they were talking on the phone more and more frequently and made plans to see each other on their next trips home. They began officially dating that May of 2009.

How He Asked 

A few weeks after their move to Charleston, SC, Amy and Brooks were staying at Amy’s parents beach house on Kiawah Island. On one of their morning bike rides on the beach, Brooks pretended the chain on his bike was broken. After stopping to take a look, Amy turned to tell Brooks there was nothing wrong with his chain only to find him on one knee!

The Perfect Place

Of ...

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Painting the Town TEAL: Paisley & Jade Debuts New Showroom in Scott’s Addition

For today's Vendor Spotlight, we'd like to congratulate our good friends at Paisley & Jade on their new "digs!"

Morgan Montgomery and Perkins Morgan, owners of vintage and eclectic rentals company Paisley & Jade, are thrilled to unveil their new warehouse and showroom, located in the heart of Scott’s Addition on 3119 West Moore Street.

“We're in a visual business in which clients want to be able to see how everything comes together,” explains Montgomery, noting this is the first of its kind in the area. “This new space allows them to get their eyes (and hands) on our items first hand, a welcome change by our diverse customer set, who have always appreciated our commitment to a fun and easy experience."

Their often-expanding collection features an array of curated selections including vintage sofas, farm-style chairs, chandeliers and antique sideboards. Montgomery and Morgan’s new space houses their entire rental inventory in an efficient and translucent fashion, while also ...

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The Unplugged Wedding

By Crystal Neilson-Hall

In 2002, the digital camera phone became commercially available in the United States. Since then, the wedding photography industry has seen an unnerving trend where a growing number of phones and tablets are showing up in wedding pictures. As the bride walks down the aisle, a sea of electronic devices can be seen amongst the guests. During the first dance, phones take the place of emotion-filled faces behind the bride and groom. As the couple cuts the cake you can see guests pushing their phones toward the action trying to capture the perfect shot. The problem with this, beyond the fact that all of those phones are showing up in the professional photographs, is that these guests are not actively enjoying the wedding. They are focused on their phone and the amount of Instagram likes they’ll get, not the bride and groom. This can be avoided by hosting an Unplugged Wedding; a wedding ...

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Richmond Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Wyatt Ramsey Photography

Meet our newest photographer, Wyatt Ramsey, owner of Wyatt Ramsey Photography!  Wyatt is new to the Richmond area, so be sure to read all about his wedding photography experience and  give him a warm welcome in the comments section.

Tell us a little bit about your company!

I use my photography to focus on fine art storytelling. What that means is that I try to keep an aesthetic eye for the beauty in the detail and scenery but with a constant focus on telling the story of the bride and the groom. I do my best to capture their personality throughout the entirety of the wedding.

How did you get started in this business?

I studied photography and painting at the Savannah College of Art and Design. One day I took some photos in to a photo lab to be printed for a school assignment. There was a young man behind the counter developing the photos that day. When ...

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