By Kim Moody and Mary Ruth Walters

As a bride, your wedding day should be stress-free and relaxing. However, things can go downhill very quickly if you haven’t planned ahead. In a perfect world, every bride would have a full-service wedding planner to help guide her through the planning process in addition to making sure the wedding day goes smoothly. We’ve come up with five essential services you don’t realize you need when planning your perfect day.

1) A Calligrapher: Your invitations are the very first “sneak peek” of what your wedding will look and feel like. If your affair is very formal, set the tone with stationery that lets your guests know what to expect, and in some ways, how to dress! Also, calligraphy is a beautiful art form that guests will be sure to appreciate.

2) A Parking Attendant: If your venue doesn’t already provide one, a parking attendant can sometimes be crucial. Guests get very confused when parking is not clearly marked, as in the case of open fields, busy streets, etc. We strongly recommend having an experienced parking attendant (or even valet service) who can clear up the confusion your guests may feel when driving in unfamiliar territory.

3) Bartending Staff That Will Stay Until the End of Your Event: Caterers often provide bartenders for their clients, but sometimes the client will opt to have them leave before the event is over. Switching over to a self-serve bar at the end of the night can be dangerous for your guests, as well as put additional liability on the person who applied for the ABC license (usually you or your parents if it was not provided as an “in house” license by the caterer).

Hayes & Fisk Photography
Hayes & Fisk Photography

4) Extra Clean Up/Pack Up Staff: Let’s face it; you’re going to be exhausted and ready to start your honeymoon at the end of the night. Don’t put the pressure of cleaning up on your families — they really need someone to handle this for them!

5) A Day-Of Coordinator: Even if a full-service wedding planner is not in your budget, seriously consider hiring a day-of coordinator. Many brides don’t realize how many crises their coordinator will handle throughout the wedding day, whether small or large. Choose the stress-free route and hire a coordinator!

Kim Moody (Owner & Principal Planner) and Mary Ruth Walters (Wedding Planner) are from Kim Moody Design, a full-service event planning company. For more information, visit

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