By Frank Guertler with Bunn DJ Company

If you do an online search for “Questions to ask your wedding DJ,” you’ll find an overwhelming number of articles with suggested questions to ask your potential entertainment.

Some of these questions are legitimate and will help you choose the right fit for your wedding, and others won’t give you the answers you need. We’ve scoured the online articles and compiled a list of eight questions you should (or shouldn’t) ask your potential DJ.

Richmond Wedding Bunn DJ Company Questions Ask


How would you describe your style?

This is fine for a band, as live music groups generally have a genre they stick to. However, this is NOT a good question to ask a professional DJ. Unless you’re looking for someone like DJ Snake, Tiesto or Pauly D, a great wedding DJ will adapt their “style” to fit your crowd and your music tastes. There is no one-size-fits-all-playlist, and any DJ that shows up with one hasn’t taken the time to learn about you or your guests.

Can we see you perform at a wedding?

Unfortunately, no. Put yourself in another couple’s shoes. Would you want their entertainment inviting strangers to your wedding?

If you want to see your DJ in action, ask if they perform at other events aside from weddings. Not all wedding DJs perform outside of private events, but the ones that do will have no problem inviting you out to an event they’re working and may even be able to get you on the guest list!

Richmond Wedding Bunn DJ Company Questions Ask

Have you done any events at my venue?

There are advantages to a DJ having worked at a venue before, as the DJ will know the layout, and some venues will have preferred vendors who are familiar with their facilities. A better question to ask is if the DJ is willing to conduct a free site visit before the wedding day if there is unfamiliarity with the venue.

If your DJ hasn’t worked at your venue this shouldn’t disqualify them from doing an amazing job at your wedding or event. Any professional DJ won’t have an issue showing up to a venue that’s new to them and will be able to set up in a timely fashion and put on a party.

Do you have videos of you performing at a previous wedding?

Your wedding will be different than someone else’s, so viewing a video might actually dissuade you from choosing a versatile DJ. A great DJ should be able to spin all types of music and seamlessly go from genre to genre.


Can we meet with you in person before we book?

You want to feel comfortable with the person who will be responsible for making sure you and your guests have an amazing evening, and one of the best ways to do that is a face-to-face meeting before you sign a contract. A professional DJ service will have an office or co-working space to hold a consultation at your convenience.

How early do you arrive to set up for an event?

Venues can vary in their layouts and logistics for loading in, so you want to be sure the DJ will arrive early enough to load-in, set up, and most importantly test and soundcheck ALL of their equipment before your guests arrive. No one wants to hear “check…check, one…two” during their cocktail hour!

Do you have liability insurance?

Any performer who takes their business seriously will have some kind of event insurance and should be able to present a Certificate of Insurance, or in the case that the venue needs coverage, an Additional Insured Certificate for the day of your event.

Do you have a backup DJ or extra equipment?

A quality DJ or DJ company will have a plan in place if anything goes wrong. You should feel comfortable that if the DJ’s computer crashes or the DJ gets sick, that you won’t be left without music or an MC. Ask for details – you want to know that your wedding will be in good hands.

Frank Guertler is the Owner and one of the DJs at Bunn DJ Company, a Richmond based wedding, and private events DJ service. You can find him on Instagram @bunndjrva or @djfrankierva. To learn more visit