By Angela Simpson

With all of the modern life and technology that has impacted the wedding industry, there are still a few things that confound even the best of planners. For example, we still can’t do the one thing that would take all of the guesswork and most of the anxiety out of planning a wedding: predict the weather with 100% accuracy.

Understandably, this can be concerning to many couples, especially one year out when most are confirming arrangements with non-refundable retainers and making emotional investments in the plan for their perfect day.

You can’t control nature, but you can make some great choices to prepare yourselves for inclement and severe weather:

  • First, allow for a rain back up plan in your budget from the start. If you are hosting an outdoor ceremony or reception, consult with your venue and your rental supplier to determine the cost of tents, backup power, lighting, and safety items like flooring and covered walkways.
  • If you are unaccustomed to planning big events with complicated logistics, consider hiring a professional wedding planner to help guide you with budget considerations and rain plans.
Kristine Pringle Photography
Kristine Pringle Photography
  • Secure your rental company early, and arrange to meet your tent specialist on site. Measurements and utility inspections should be completed well in advance, especially at personal venues like family homes that don’t regularly host big parties. In some cases, tents may not be feasible or even legal. Considerations include trees, buildings, clearance, underground cables, availability of electricity, and private irrigation systems. A rental specialist is familiar with all of these factors and can help you make wise choices.
  • Establish a communication plan for your guests. Don’t assume that you only need mailing addresses. In the event of severe or inclement weather, you may need an email address or text-friendly phone number for quick correspondence and last-minute instructions. Consider maintaining a wedding website to help keep your guests informed.   The earlier you establish clear communication with your guests, the easier it will be to make last-minute changes if necessary.

A good rain plan is the best possible insurance! Invest your time, effort and budget in ensuring that you are covered no matter what the weather brings.

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Featured image: David Abel Photography