By Shalese Kocher

Have you been dieting and exercising without seeing any changes to your body?  Are you trying to eat healthier and get your steps in but still feeling sluggish and tired more often than not?  Dr. Neal Carl (Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine) and Dr. Tara Dall have some refreshing news that is fully backed by medical science: if diet and exercise aren’t making you feel better, it’s likely NOT your fault!

When I visited the AvanceMD office to learn more about their methods, I could feel Dr. Dall’s passion for her work immediately.  Dr. Dall is Board Certified in Lipidology and Family Medicine, has spent fifteen years using breakthrough genetic biomarker technology to care for patients, and is an internationally sought after guest speaker because of her ability to put complex medical topics in patient-friendly terms.  She has a special interest in how insulin resistance plays a part in cardiovascular disease, obesity, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  She has changed the lives of patients, both male and female, from ages six to eighty by pinpointing how insulin works either for them or against them and actually helping them prevent future diabetes and/or heart disease.

Dr. Dall tells me that PCOS is a hugely common disease for women in their 20 – 30s but is often missed completely.  When you visit AvanceMD, however, they use a series of questions and tests to find the real cause of your inability to lose weight and that sluggish, tired feeling that you can’t shake.

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Could YOU have PCOS?

*Do you have inability to lose weight around the belly?
*Do you have unwanted hair growth or facial hair?
*Do you experience acne?
*Do you have irregular periods?

From there, Dr. Dall and Dr. Carl will advise which tests you should take to delve deeper into the problem.  Once those results are evaluated, they will create an inexpensive treatment plan customized to YOU. You receive a diet plan, an exercise regimen, natural supplements, and possibly some Lipo-Light sessions.  Imagine FINALLY understanding why all of your dieting efforts have not worked in your favor!  Instead of beating yourself up for a lack of willpower or self-control, visit AvanceMD to find out how your body may be working against you.

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Dr. Dall and Dr. Carl can also help you lose inches quickly and permanently with Lipo-Light, the very first completely non-invasive, non-surgical LED body contouring system.  Basically, the light from the Lipo-Light liquefies the stubborn fat within a cell, which allows the fat contents to be released.  Once that fat content is released, it can be used by the body for energy or reprocessed for elimination.  Patients have lost anywhere from two to six inches over their course of treatments!  And the best part?  It’s completely painless.  Plus, they have noticed improved skin tone and texture for overall smoother appearance.

The secret to a happier, healthier you is inside you, and Dr. Dall & Dr. Carl can help you find it.  Dr. Dall says, “We have the ability to prevent heart disease and diabetes in women with PCOS. Knowledge allows us to uncover, empower, encourage, inspire and provide hope.”

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