By Kim Moody with The Estate at River Run

Bring on the Greenery!
Botanical inspired designs are being woven through all aspects of the event.

  • Real flowers are becoming an even larger part of the wedding budget.
  • Florals are being used in stationery for the event with pressed flowers in the menus and invitations.
  • Large scale installations like 3D paper flower walls and massive floral imagery will be trending through 2023 as bold looks are in!

The Moodier the Better.
Darker colors in styling and décor are expected to trend for the next couple of years.

  • Dark hues of dark paper colors paired with foils.
  • Dark colors of linens paired with metallic elements.
  • Black, merlot, or navy candles.
  • Dark envelopes for invitations.
  • Deep shades of blooms in flowers – moody palates are back!
  • Rich tones in pillows and event furniture rentals.
Juliana Mary Photography for Papeterie Fine Stationery

Family-Style, Yes, Please.
Long banquet table arrangements in floor plans are so on trend.

  • Couples have been experiencing with unique floor plans for years, but it has finally gone mainstream! Picture long table groupings, like wood farm tables.
  • Mixing rectangular and round tables.

PRO TIP: Each architectural space calls for its own floor plan configuration just like various ceiling heights call for different types of florals. Rectangular orientations on guest tables allow you to have more innovative florals by offering more interesting floor plans.

Paige Stevens Photography

RW TIP: COVID-19 regulations might cause you to downsize or reconfigure your seating arrangements. Talk with your caterer or venue about what seating arrangements will be available and how you can still adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Color, Color, COLOR!

  • Living Coral was the 2019 Pantone color of the year, but we are also seeing a resurgence of plums, eggplants, and purples.
  • For the past couple of years, neutrals have been trending with a heavy emphasis on blush but expect to see more color in the future!
  • There is a buzz in the market that we should be seeing bridal gowns in subtle metallic hues as well as dark unexpected colors like black, sangria, and eggplant on occasion.
  • Navy, black, or light blue will be common “neutrals” in our future saturated color palates.
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BOLD and Fresh Flowers.
Florals and greens are back and better than ever.

  • In the world of florals, greenery accents staged around the room are headed our way. Centerpieces will continue to be bloom heavy, but accents like guest books, food displays, cake tables, furniture pieces, photo backdrops, and arbors will be heavily focused on greenery. A large variety of textures will be important, and many designs will side toward the tropical foliage!
  • Pampas grass has grown in popularity in the western part of the country and this year we will notice it transitioning east while it makes its way into our boho-chic weddings.
  • Colorful florals will be traded in for the neutrals.
  • Beautiful vessels and colorful vases will give an extra pop of color to tablescapes in 2020 and beyond.

PRO TIP: Team up with an experienced florist who has a great selection of rental merchandise so you can enjoy this trend without cluttering up your house purchasing them.

  • Additional greenery adornment around ceremonies and receptions will call for a curated collection of textures.

Kim Moody is a Proprietress and Director of Events at The Estate At River Run, the area’s newest luxury venue in Goochland. Kim is also the Lead Wedding Planner at the award-winning Kim Moody Design™, a multi-planner design studio (since 2004!) that offers services exclusively to clients at The Estate at River Run. Learn more on their website: