By Shalese Kocher

When someone special is missing from your wedding day, it just plain hurts. While nothing can fully take the place of seeing certain loved ones on your special day, there are some sweet ways to pay tribute to those who have passed.

Photo Displays

Plenty of photos are always a great way to pay tribute to a lost loved one. Not only is it special for you to have a collection of photos at your reception or a locket on your bouquet, it’s always nice for your guests to see those pictures to bring back happy memories. Of course, adding candles is always a nice touch. You may even want to leave an abundance of candles that your guests can light for those they’ve lost as they enter the ceremony space. (You will want to ask your venue about their open flame policy.)

Special Memories

Speaking of happy memories, you and your guests will be so thrilled to see something that belonged to your loved one, like a hat they always wore or signature piece of jewelry. Marianne, owner of Rent-E-Quip, says, “We once had a bride who had all of her grandmother’s broaches made into a bouquet.” Her family surely loved that tribute! Marianne also suggests, “If that person always made a cake or some special dish for holidays and family events, have that dish available for all of your guests with a copy of the recipe.”

honoring loved ones

Plants & Flowers

Your guests will notice if you have a floral arrangement or plant on display with a framed photo or written tribute to someone you’ve lost. You may also consider leaving a seat empty for those who couldn’t be there and placing flowers there as you walk down the aisle.

honoring loved ones

Photos by Amanda Beside Eric