By Kim Goldstein with Journeys Inc.

When planning your honeymoon or destination wedding, you might think you can do it all yourself, using the various travel and booking sites online. With the internet, why should you use a travel consultant to plan your honeymoon or destination wedding?

richmond wedding kim goldstein journeys inc honeymoon stress free plan

You have scissors, but for your wedding day, you’ll likely go to a professional hairdresser. The same goes for your nails, you have the nail polish, but there’s nothing like a professional manicure. Why is planning your honeymoon or destination wedding any different? Take away some of the stress and use a professional travel consultant.

Did you know that many of the reviews you see online are fabricated by a resort’s competitor? With fraudulent opinions, wouldn’t you rather work with someone who has been to the resort and has onsite contacts? And did you know that many don’t even charge a fee to book!

Here are the top reasons why you should use a travel consultant to plan the beginning of your marriage:

  • Travel consultants have access to some of the most competitive pricing. It’s not always about finding the least expensive option, but the safest and best for your budget. Most will offer payment plans to help you budget for your honeymoon or destination wedding.

richmond wedding kim goldstein journeys inc honeymoon stress free plan

  • Save time and stress by letting the travel consultant handle the little details. The time and money you spend with them will be returned to you many times over in the form of perks, convenience, and great service.
  • Finding a specialist who knows the destination you want to visit will be a huge asset, as they will guide you to the best resorts, tours, etc. They’re the experts, not the person posting reviews on Trip Advisor.
  • You will have a real-life person to communicate with! Tired of waiting on hold to speak to a call center rep? You will have a dedicated team to assist with your vacation plans who have likely been to the destination and has onsite contacts. Flight canceled and you don’t know what to do? Your travel consultant or 24-hour emergency team will provide guidance.

richmond wedding kim goldstein journeys inc honeymoon stress free plan

  • If you book your next getaway with a travel agency, you will not only get to utilize their planning expertise and services, but you’ll also be supporting a local business!

Leave your stress at home when it comes to planning your getaway! Let your travel consultant handle the flight cancellations, resort reviews, and traveling worries. All you’ll need to worry about is kicking back and relaxing!

Kim Goldstein is an award-winning Certified Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist at Journeys Inc. To learn more about how she can help plan your dream honeymoon or destination wedding, please visit www.