By Paula Clark Ramirez

Let’s face it: not all of your wedding guests were born with sweet dance moves, and that’s ok! Those that want to will be breaking it down out on the dance floor, but for those that prefer not to, don’t let them just sit on the sidelines and watch! Keep them engaged with other fun activities.

Lawn Games

Lawn games have been trending for the past few years, and for good reason! While some only offer lawn games during their cocktail hour, we say keep them open all night long for guests to play right up until the exit. By putting a few lanterns or lights outside, the fun can continue!

Board Games

If you’re not offering lawn games at your wedding or if the festivities are all inside, have a cute table set aside with some board games. Think family fun with options like Sorry, Scrabble, or Checkers. Games like this not only keep guests entertained during the reception, but also make for some adorable photo opportunities!

Photo Booth/Gif Booth/InstaThat ™

Photo booths are so popular with guests, and they can produce some pretty epic wedding memories. You could even kick it up a few notches with the latest and greatest! Check out gif booths that will turn photos into a gif and share it on social media instantly, or look into InstaThat ™, which will create custom “branding” for your wedding and print out your guests’ Instagram photos during the reception!

how to entertain at your wedding

Lounge Area

Guests who aren’t interested in dancing don’t necessarily want to sit at their assigned dinner table all night. We suggest mixing the seating up by creating a cool lounge area! You can rent couches, chairs, and tables or use a friend/family member’s if they are willing and have a sense of style you like.

Hire an Entertainer

Bring in an entertainer like a caricature artist or a fortune teller.  You could really personalize this by hiring an entertainer that reflects your culture, like a henna tattoo artist or Irish dancers. This is sure to be great for both the adults and kids!

Memory Table

Weddings tend to bring out the sentimental side in you and your guests, which is why having something like a memory table set up at your reception can be a big crowd pleaser. Have old family photo albums of both you and your new spouse as kids and teenagers or albums of your relationship together from the beginning up until your wedding day. Photos always have a way of bringing up old memories and stories that your friends and family members will enjoy telling.

No matter which activities you choose, remember to always keep them personal and fun!

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