Not Your Average Photo Booth: Option for Your Wedding Day

By Alison Hylton

What can you do to make YOUR wedding stand out in all your guests’ memories without spending thousands of dollars? A photo booth! I know what you’re thinking: “EVERYONE has a photo booth at their wedding these days — how is that going to make my wedding stand out?” It’s all about the experience you offer your guests, and with the multitude of options available now, you can find one that’s sure to impress!

Let’s start with what you can expect from a basic photo booth experience. Most companies will include a professional booth and equipment, 2×6 strips or 4×6 prints, an attendant, and props. Now, however, there are even more options to excite your guests.

Physical Outputs

  • Green Screen: This is an easy option that most photo booth companies can accommodate to personalize to your event. Wish you were in Paris? Send your guests to the Arc de Triumph or Eiffel Tower! Was a tropical getaway your ideal venue? Let them lounge by the beach! Green screens are only limited by your imagination!
  • Flipbooks: Remember the little books where the pictures, when flipped through, looked like they were moving? Let your guests bring home a version where the star is THEM! Every time they flip through your custom designed book, they will remember what a great time they had on your special night!
  • Light Painting: Do you love those images on Pinterest with sparklers around couples creating hearts and spelling out “LOVE?” It looks amazing, but typically only the couple gets the honor of being light painted. With special light blocking enclosures, guests can either be painted around with special LED light painting wands or be the artists themselves!
  • Unique Print Sizes: When you think photo booths, you think of the traditional 2×6 strips, but there are so many more options! Photo booth printers can do sticker strips, 2×2 trading squares, a slightly larger 2×8 strip, or even all the way up to 4×12 and 8×16 inch strips that are guaranteed to literally make a HUGE impact on your guests!


  • Stunning Enclosures/Backdrops: Do you want the classic photo booth experience for your guests while still wowing them with something they haven’t seen before? Ask about a unique enclosure/setup! Whether it’s a striking 10×10 sequined backdrop, LED inflatable wall or a one-of-a-kind option like a converted camper, people will remember your visually stunning set up.

Digital Options

  • Slow Mo: Want to go a little more digital? Either running as a stand alone option or during a photo strip session, slow mo videos are a great way to get your friends laughing! The videos will be available for guests to email or upload to a variety of social media platforms, so they’ll be able to keep them forever!
  • Animated GIFs: If slow mo isn’t your thing, animated GIFs are a really fun output option. Have a strip printed from your booth images to bring home, and email your custom GIF!

photo booth options for your wedding

  • Face Morphing- Are you a huge Walking Dead fan? Transform your guests into zombies! Have guests morph into a superhero or a favorite princess! This is a great option to tie into a specific theme.
  • Dubsmash/Marryoke. It doesn’t matter if you can sing or not, as long as you know the words! Pick out your favorite songs and let guests record their own music video! Let the original artist sing for you, or sing away! Incorporate a green screen option to choose your own setting for this singing/lip syncing experience. Display the singers on a video monitor for everyone to see and then email the video to yourself for your own amusement.

Which option works best for YOUR wedding? That’s up to you! Call your favorite photo booth company to discuss which options will work best for your space and budget. No matter which options you choose to elevate your photo booth, your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come!

Alison Hylton is the owner of Party Pictures RVA, and can offer all of the above services! To learn more, please visit


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    I've seen the flipbook option a couple of times, and it looks like it would be a really cute, memorable way to capture wedding memories! There are a lot of good ideas here, so thanks for sharing.

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