Abby-Adam-Heather Hughes Photography-VMFA

Abby and Adam 
October 5th, 2019

How They Met
Abby met Adam in Atlanta while she was attending law school there. Their first date was at a local burger chain where they talked about The Lego Movie (one of Adam’s favorites from that year). The two clicked immediately and were inseparable from that moment on. 

The Proposal
Adam asked Abby to marry him while on vacation in CartengaColumbia for New Years. On the last night of their trip, Adam surprised Abby with a ring. Abby explains, “Tears, and of course, an acceptance ensued.”

The Details
When picking a reception venue for their October wedding, they knew they wanted the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Abby has family connections to the museum, and it holds a special place in her family’s hearts. The pair was sold upon seeing the gorgeous Marble Hall and the quaint surrounding neighborhood. 

Abby-Adam-Heather Hughes Photography-VMFA

For their ceremony, they had a small family celebration next door at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture. Abby’s sister officiated the ceremony and since Abby’s father’s family is Quaker, it is customary for all the guests (or witnesses) to sign a certificate solemnizing the marriage. Abby describes, “Everyone at our ceremony, down to the youngest guests, added their name to our certificate.” 

Abby-Adam-Heather Hughes Photography-VMFA

They went with burgundy and cream for their colors and relied on trusted family, friends, vendorsand a touch of DIY to bring the wedding together. And when it came to the cake, they couldn’t decide on just one! Guests were presented both a cake and a variety of cupcakes. They happened to be celebrating two birthdays (Abby’s father’s and a close friend’s) so the extra sweets were perfect. 

Their favorite part of the day? “Seeing all our friends and family in one place, dancing, dining, laughing, drinking, photographing, and celebrating with glow sticks.” 

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