Mackenzie and Nick
November 3, 2018

How They Met
Nick and Mackenzie actually grew up in the same area, and since both played soccer competitively, they ran in the same circle of friends, despite Nick being a few years older. From this same circle of friends were their mutual best friends, Haley and Ryan. One evening Haley and Ryan mentioned they were getting some friends together at Isley and invited Mackenzie to come. Mackenzie almost didn’t come, but thanks to Haley’s coaxing, she went for a drink and started chatting with Nick. Mackenzie shared, “There was no set up here, just friends getting together.” Mackenzie caught Nick scrolling Bumble, a dating app, and sarcastically said, “Why are you bothering with that when you have someone single and cute right here.” And with that, they hit it off hanging out for the rest of their Christmas break and even into New Year’s Eve. “I figured it was just a holiday fling, but before Nick headed back to Williamsburg, he asked for me to come up and visit.” And with that, they were inseparable. Mackenzie reveals, “If I hadn’t gone to Isley that night, I may have never met Nick, so always say yes to the beer.”

The Proposal
Nick had the ring to propose in November of 2017, but it wasn’t until March 31, 2018,  that he popped the question to Mackenzie during a hike of Humpback Rock. With their dog, Benson, in tow, they planned an overnight trip to Charlottesville. “The hike was beautiful, the air was crisp, and the sun was out…it was perfect.” When they got to the end of the hike, which has a massive cliff overhang, they stopped to take pictures. But Nick was acting oddly. As Mackenzie was grabbing something out of her backpack, she turned around to Nick on one knee. “People clapped and cheered for us on top of a cliff overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains.”

The Details
Despite getting engaged in March, it wasn’t until May that Mackenzie and Nick started planning their wedding. “We decided we absolutely wanted a fall wedding but didn’t want to wait another year.” So, that gave the couple about 6 months to plan, and luckily they found their perfect venue with a blank slate where they could bring their own food and beverage. They took most of their photos at Quirk Hotel but also did a gorgeous mountain session with their photographer. “So, we got the best of both worlds, a very Richmond wedding and also the mountains and the outdoors, which we love.”

Mackenzie’s brother officiated the wedding, as the two said their own vows. “We had my 90-year-old grandfather say a prayer for us with everyone there. After 60 years of marriage, his words were so meaningful and due to illness and age, I lost both hi mand my grandmother shortly after the wedding. So I’ll keep his prayer card forever as a special gift.”

While the couple didn’t have a direct theme to their November wedding, they wanted it to look somewhat like a window display at Anthropologie. Bohemian vibes, muted pops of color, brass, candles, and lots of lights. “I wanted the space to feel inviting and warm.” And instead of focusing on one color, they focused on all the colors. Along with Mackenzie’s bridesmaids, they incorporated different colors throughout. Nick’s guys fit in with their tweed suits and quirky wooden button details.

Their menu from The Savory Grain was uniquely them and they even had two signature cocktails. For Nick, it was “Benny and the Rents” a Whiskey smash named after their dog. For Mackenzie, it was a “Perfect Pear,” a vodka pear mule. They brought a gelato cart to their reception where their guests could go grab something sweet.

“Everything about our decor was thrifty!” They used a combination of materials and flowers to create a perfectly eclectic look. They even had a pinata! “We filled it with airplane liquor bottles, candy and snacks like Goldfish and Cheez-Its. We hit it right before our exit, this way people got snacks and a nightcap before heading home!”

Mackenzie and Nick wanted their wedding day to not only act as a celebration of their love but also act as a massive thank you to everyone who had supported him. With the help of their DJ, they danced and sang, keeping the party going long into their November night.

Favorite Part of the Day
Both Mackenzie and Nick agree that the coolest thing about the whole weekend was just having their favorite people in one place. “There was so much love, it was overwhelming!”

Biggest Challenge
“Time and money. With six months to plan, we had to be deliberate with every decision. This was also the time to call in any and all favors. Through the generosity of others and being thrifty, we were able to create a special weekend we will always remember.”

Best Piece of Advice
“Ask for help when you need it, don’t take everything on yourself. Divide tasks for you and your hubby! Also, be honest about your budget. People are usually very willing to find a way to make your day come to life. ”

And Mackenzie’s biggest piece of advice? Hire a coordinator. “They help bring the small details together and are unsentimental on the wedding day to take care fo everything while you enjoy yourself!”

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