Nicole and Brian
September 21, 2019

How They Met
Nicole and Brian first met in 2006 when Nicole was a senior in high school. The two had several mutual friends and got to talking one day when they were all hanging out. They started seeing each other often and Brian was even Nicole’s prom date! But when Nicole graduated and headed to college, they parted ways, remaining friends. Nicole explains, “Brian’s dad said we would be together again one day and he was right!”

The Proposal
Brian asked Nicole to spend the rest of his life with him in September 2018. They had planned a mini vacation to Sandbridge, Virginia, getting all dressed up for a dinner date one night. According to Nicole, “we ate so much food!” As they made their way back to the house they were renting, Nicole was looking forward to stretching out on the couch and relaxing, but Brian kept insisting that they go for a walk to, “make themselves feel less full.” They walked down to the beach where a full moon was shining, and the beach was covered in crabs. “I started chasing them as Brian was trying to get me to take a romantic stroll. At one point he grabbed my arm and asked me just to take in the moment under the full moon.” Next thing Nicole knew, Brian was on one knee proposing. “It was so magical, I’m glad I stopped chasing those crabs!”

The Details
Nicole stumbled upon her venue while searching online, and immediately knew they had found their spot. For their September wedding they wanted a romantic, simple feel. Nicole explains, “I had a hard time explaining it to Brian, so we went to Hobby Lobby and I set up a mock table so he could see it too!”

At their ceremony, they kept it lighthearted and sweet. They did a knot ceremony to incorporate Brian, Nicole, and their son becoming one. “It was such a neat thing for the three of us to do and now we have it as a keepsake forever.”

They had classic colors of navy, dusty rose, and gold. “We wanted to wow everyone with the small details.” The two used pictures of themselves throughout the years (including that prom picture!) as decor at their reception. A special touch to help personalize their reception.

Favorite Part of the Day
Nicole says, “All of it! It is so hard to narrow down to one specific part. It all came together and was the best day.”

Brian’s favorite part was when he saw Nicole for the first time.

Biggest Challenge
Nicole explains, “No big challenge, but it definitely is a lot of work to plan a wedding. There are so many small details and so many things to coordinate to make sure it all goes just as you envision!”

Best Piece of Advice
“Just breathe and take it all in. It becomes so overwhelming and trying to make it perfect can be so stressful. But, remember at the end, you will be married and it will be perfect!”

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