Chris & Jackie

December 19, 2015

How They Met

Jackie tells us, “Chris and I met when we joined Virginia Tech Rescue squad at the same time. We attended classes together for several weeks to become emergency medical technicians. As a college freshman, I didn’t have a car, so Chris would drive me home after classes.

How He Asked

At Christmastime, I went to visit Chris at his family home in northern Virginia. We went out to dinner and to a drive through Christmas light show. When we got back to his home, he flipped a switch, and Christmas lights turned on all around the house. He got down on one knee in front of a sign he had made with lights that read, ‘Jackie, will you marry me?’ After saying yes, his family came out to celebrate with champagne!”

Their Favorites

Chris says, “I had two favorite parts from our wedding day.  One of the moments was when we got together before the ceremony to pray.  I wasn’t allowed to see her before the ceremony, so I couldn’t look at her, but I was standing in front of the church looking across the street and she came out of the church behind me.  When she grabbed my hand so we could pray, I felt a rush of excitement about our upcoming vows and future life together.”

Chris’s other favorite part of their wedding day also involved alone time with his bride.  “We stopped to have pictures taken at a Christmas lights display.  Steven, our photographer, was taking pictures from pretty far away so he could incorporate the lights and get different effects, so it felt like we were just alone outside, and we were just joking and goofing around while still riding the high of being newlyweds.”

The Perfect Place

We needed a fully indoor space for our December wedding and love the large ballroom and balcony at The Renaissance! We also love the extra spaces that would allow guest to escape from the noise of the party if needed.

The Wow Factor

My goal was for all out guest to have a wonderful time.  I wanted to have great music and a beautiful room for everyone to dance and celebrate together.”

The Details

Since Chris proposed around Christmas and our wedding was the weekend before Christmas, we chose to embrace the holiday theme.  This also allowed us to embrace the holiday decorations of the church and around Richmond that time of year.  We chose pewter and red to embrace the holiday season without overdoing it.

To top off their perfectly understated holiday theme, a horse-drawn carriage picked Jackie & Chris up from the reception!

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We had candles all over and red and white up lighting around the room. This was something I was hesitant about adding, but it really created a wonderful atmosphere to get everyone on the dance floor!


We had candles all over and red and white up lighting around the room. This was something I was hesitant about adding, but it really created a wonderful atmosphere to get everyone on the dance floor!

dowtown-richmond-va-holiday-wedding-at-the-renaissance_0035 dowtown-richmond-va-holiday-wedding-at-the-renaissance_0036


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RW Vendors

Photography: Steven & Lily Photography | Gown: Bliss Bridal Consignment Boutique  | Reception Site: The Renaissance | Floral Design and Linens: Black Iris Floral Events | Photobooth: Party Pictures RVA