We are very excited to introduce you to Marylee, an incredibly experienced wedding and event planner who has recently started her own planning company, Marylee Marmer Events. We are so impressed with how she can figuratively AND literally put out fires on a wedding day!

Tell us a little about your company!

Marylee Marmer Events is an event and wedding planning company based in Richmond owned and managed by me, Marylee Marmer. Equipped with a strong sense of style and a love for mixing modern elements with tradition, I believe in infusing each event with personal touches that are unique to each client or couple.

How did you get started in this business?

Over the past 10 years, I have planned both large-scale events for corporate clients as well as more intimate social affairs. For the past 7 years, I have worked for a Richmond wedding venue. Previous weddings have been featured in prestigious wedding blogs and magazines including Richmond Weddings.

What differentiates you from other businesses in your field?

Our experienced team handles the behind-the-scenes issues that can be managed inconspicuously or be avoided altogether. We have been there, done that. We pride ourselves in spotting the issues before anyone else notices. We find reputable vendors who fit perfectly with each client’s style, vision and budget. The goal is to stick within budget or even come under budget. We find out everything the client envisions. In addition to our package offerings, we can also help with decor rentals and linen rentals. Our team has amazing attention to detail, and we do everything possible to make your event perfectly eventful.

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Why do you like working with weddings?

It is so rewarding to be able to witness the best day of a couple’s life. We are honored that our couples trust us on such a special day. It’s a bonus that we get to become friends with all the couples, families, and friends.

Marylee Lee Marmer Event Planning Photos_0001What is the most difficult situation you have faced with a bride and how did you resolve it?

These are a couple of difficult situations I have encountered over the years: While a couple did their grand exit with sparklers, a piece of the sparkler fell on the bride’s train of her dress. I put out the fire on the bride’s dress without couple even knowing. The bride found out later from a guest, and she couldn’t say thank you enough!

Another difficult situation I have faced, unfortunately, included three intoxicated males starting a fight during the reception. I was able to diffuse the fight, separate the men, and doing this not only solo, but so discreetly that the couple didn’t even know.

From a vendor’s perspective, what is the one best piece of advice you can offer to engaged couples?

Enjoy your day and live in the moment, because it will go by so fast. Leave the details and worrying to the experts.

What or who motivates you?

I actually have several. Without my friends and family motivating me, I would not be where I am. My incredible husband gives me amazing motivation and support every single day.

I receive work related motivation a few ways. One would be receiving a review from a couple, their family or friends. Reading their thoughtful words mean so much to me. Lastly, when I have the honor of being someone’s wedding planner and they send me a copy of their videography, as I watch it, I actually cry happy tears. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

What do you like to do when you are away from work?

Away from work, I spend time with my husband, 2 children, dog, and cat. I am an advocate for animals (especially bully breeds) and help animal shelters in area. We gather donations of toys, treats, blankets, food, etc. I also have a love and passion for running and fitness.

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What would we be surprised to learn about you?

Over 10 years ago, I became the legal guardian and advocate for my older brother who has battled mental illness for many years. There were times where I took on the mental health care system in multiple states to ensure his safety, better quality of life, and his rights. Today, after much effort, he is doing well.

Thank you, Marylee, for answering our questions!  If you would like to learn more about Marylee and how she can keep the fires out on your wedding day, please visit  www.maryleemarmerevents.com.