Grace and Matthew
August 17, 2019

How They Met
For Grace and Matt, it all started during their time at JMU in 2010. Grace, who was a freshman while Matt was a junior, remembers Matt from a pre-med club meeting. She immediately was impressed by his experience and accomplishments, not to mention she thought he was cute. But it wasn’t until 2016 that their paths crossed again on a dating app called Bumble. Although Matt didn’t immediately remember Grace from that JMU meeting, he was immediately smitten with her. And after their first date, which turned into hours of talking about everything from medicine to golf to country music, these two knew they found something special.

The Proposal
It was important for Matt to propose to Grace in a meaningful place. And Grace’s family vacation spot at Figure Eight Island in North Carolina seemed like the perfect one. Under the guise of celebrating Grace’s little sister’s birthday, Matt proposed in front of her entire family. After she said yes, they went back to the house for caviar and champagne. The perfect day.

The Details
They knew they wanted to get married in a church setting and found their ideal spot at the University of Richmond. With both her mother and father walking her down the aisle, the two said their vows to each other…and without shedding a tear! One of Grace’s proudest and favorite moments of the weekend.

Their design theme for the wedding was based roughly on “The Sound of Music,” Grace’s favorite movie. Grace explains, “The wedding scene from that movie always took my breath away…I wanted green garland and white satin everywhere!” Décor was primarily green, giving a fresh, romantic, reverential, and happy look.

The joyous couple swayed to their first dance, “You Are The Best Thing,” Matt’s favorite part of the day. And as their August wedding came to a close, they celebrated with 125 of their closest family and friends, an unforgettable summer night.

Favorite Part of the Day
Grace: “My favorite part of the day was saying our vows to each other. I felt so proud and sure looking at Matt. I felt the start of something new happening and I was so excited to start this life together.”

Matt: “My favorite part of the day was our first dance as a newly married couple. Being able to share that moment with all our family and friends to our wedding song, “You are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne felt very special.”

Biggest Challenge
“We were lucky enough to work with LK Events and Design to plan the wedding, which really took a large burden off of everyone. Otherwise, I would say that keeping track of all the tiny details would have been the biggest challenge (payments owed, tipping, renting everything from chairs to tablecloths, the fans, to a generator to power the fans, the equipment to build the stage for the band, to staying in touch with all of our vendors, to designing the layout of the reception..the list goes on and on).

Luckily, that was a burden that LK Events and Design was able to alleviate for us. With that being said, I’d say that maintaining a budget and organizing logistics (where to get ready the morning of, how to transport the wedding party, how to get the wedding party home safely after the reception, organizing a getaway car, making sure elderly grandparents were able to get to the chapel with any assistance they needed, etc) were the hardest parts of the planning process.”

Best Piece of Advice
“Make a list, set a budget, delegate, try to work as a team :)”

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