By Shalese Kocher

We want to shout it from the rooftops: researching your vendors is SO important!  After a vendor catches your eye in a magazine or online, here are our suggestions for finding out more!

1. Check out their social media feeds!  Instagram and Facebook have changed the game of wedding research, and these platforms allow you to see a mini portfolio from vendors AND a hint of their personalities.  Plus, if that particular vendor is keeping up with their social media, you’re instantly up to date on what they’re up to!

2. Visit their website.  This is where you should be able to find a nice portfolio, pricing information, client reviews, and more!

3. Ask your other vendors!  If you’ve already hired some excellent wedding professionals, ask who they would recommend for the services you still need.  Chances are, they’ve worked with enough people to know who would be a great fit for you.

4. Ask your friends!  If you have friends who are recently engaged or married, they probably have had some consultations and vendors who they will rave about!

5. Go to a wedding show.  Make sure you research the producers website and social media to make sure this is the right show for you.  Feel free to ask if the vendor list is up to date.

researching wedding vendors

6. Set up your initial meeting.  With vendors like your wedding planner and photographer, it’s super important that you mesh with the person you’ll be working with.  Be sure to meet with your favorites in person or at least set up a phone call to see how comfortable you are without a screen between you!

Happy researching!