By Casey Watson with Linden Row Inn

After you’ve celebrated the big news with your closest friends and family, changed your relationship status to “engaged,” and begun creating Pinterest boards for wedding inspiration, the next step is essential…booking your venue. As one of the most important decisions in the process of planning your dream wedding, your venue choice will influence your pick of vendors, what decor will fit the space best, and many other details leading up to the big day. Planning the most important day of your life can be stressful but booking a wedding venue that also has accommodations for your guests can help simplify and ease the process! Here are a few reasons why:

Richmond Wedding Casey Watson Linden Row Inn Venue Convenience Space
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Choosing a venue that also offers overnight accommodations allows for the utmost convenience. With all of your wedding festivities throughout the weekend being held in one central location, there is no need to provide transportation. This allows your guests to cut loose and enjoy the event without having to worry about traveling after indulging throughout the festivities.

On-Site Getting Ready Space
What could be better than waking up the morning of your wedding day, getting ready with your closest friends, then stepping right out into your dream ceremony and reception? And at the end of the night, just head back up to your honeymoon suite to rest after a full day of celebrating.

Richmond Wedding Casey Watson Linden Row Inn Venue Convenience Space
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More Face Time
The wedding day can seem like a whirlwind and seeing every guest who traveled may seem daunting. Hosting your wedding festivities where all of your guests are staying allows you to spend more time with your friends and family throughout the weekend. You’ll have a common place to spend time, catch up, and see each other even the next morning before heading out of town. This helps relieve the pressures that come with speaking to each and every guest throughout your function and instead spreads your face time throughout a full weekend.

By having your wedding with this amenity, you will take a lot of stress off your back. When the sparklers come out and you depart as husband and wife, you and your guests will appreciate just walking upstairs or continuing the party together down the street!

Casey Watson is the Senior Sales Manager at the Linden Row Inn in Downtown Richmond. She has over 10 years of experience in wedding event sales, coordination, and planning through a variety of different hospitality markets including her 5 years at Linden Row Inn. She can be contacted by emailing or calling 804-225-5841.