Real RVA Wedding: Melissa & Joe

Melissa & Joe July 13, 2015 Melissa and Joe met online while Joe was serving overseas.  They communicated through letters, emails and phone calls before ever meeting.  After a fairly…

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Real RVA Wedding: Alix & Charles

Alix & Charles August 15, 2015 How They Met Alix says, “We met in April 2012 after both being on We were matched, and Charles asked me to dinner…

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Real RVA Weddings: Katryna & Aaron

Katryna & Aaron June 20, 2015 How They Met “Aaron and I are the definition of high school sweethearts.   We had mutual friends that introduced us.   We have…

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Real RVA Wedding: Hayley & Webb

Hayley & Webb June 27, 2015 How They Met “Webb and I met in high school when I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. Webb was  taking one…

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Real Richmond Wedding: Shae & Mike

We are excited to bring you another RW blog exclusive wedding from Alex C Tenser Photography! Shae & Mike October 18, 2014   When and how did you meet? “We…

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Real RVA Wedding: Abby & Cody

Cody & Abby August 16, 2014 How They Met Cody and Abby met on the Surreywood Swim team when they were four years old. They went on to middle (Providence)…

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