Our Richmond Weddings™ Summer Show is unlike any other one you’ve been to, and we want you to have the best time possible, so we came up with some tips! As this is our 24th year running, we have seen it all. From dehydrated brides to women sitting massaging their feet because they wanted to wear their brand new heels (we get it!) With these tips you can stay organized, happy, and excited to walk down the aisle to your sweetheart.

Beat the Crowd! We are offering a limited number of Early Admission tickets to meet with vendors starting at 11 am. Couples with Early Admission tickets also get a swag bag filled with Richmond Weddings™ goodies! (one per couple). We still have early entry tickets available – but we will run out!

Create a wedding email account. After the show, you’re going to get a lot of emails with information from your favorite vendors. Start your wedding planning out on the right foot and keep all wedding correspondences in one place.

Pre-register! Beat the line at the front door and purchase tickets online now! You’ll also save some time by doing it online. Also, we will be doing post-show drawings for all kinds of fun things for our registered couples!

Do your Research! Check out the vendors that are expected to exhibit in the show. Visit their websites to get a feel of their style and pricing. This will help eliminate vendors that don’t fit your budget and/or style.

Wear comfy shoes! You’ll be doing more walking than you expect, so be sure to wear some comfy shoes! Throughout the excitement, your feet will be the last thing on your mind! Do yourself a favor and wear some comfortable shoes to keep your feet happy.

Give yourself PLENTY of time. Be prepared to spend 2-5 hours at the show. There will be A LOT to see and many vendors to speak with.

Have a game plan. Make a list of wedding services you need and have an estimated budget for each one. Need help? Oftentimes, you’ll find a wedding planner that will give you a complimentary consult and help you determine your priorities.

Bring pre-printed labels. Include your name, wedding date, wedding location, mailing address, and wedding email address that you can have readily available to give each of the vendors you meet. They will LOVE you for it!

Bring your calendar. Be ready to schedule appointments with the vendors you are interested in working with! Be sure to have your planner ready!

Plan your meals accordingly. There will be a ton of food samples from various vendors. Plan your meals accordingly so you’re not too stuffed to try all the yummy bites!

Have any additional questions? Feel free to call (804) 789-9110 or email us at info@richmondweddings.com. We can’t wait to see you all Sunday, July 22nd at Main Street Station from 11am-4pm. Still need tickets? Get them here! See you soon! Use code REGISTER to save on all your tickets!