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Meet Angela Simpson, the Sales Manager at Party Perfect. With their new showroom design center, Party Perfect truly has everything and anything you could need to make your night amazing. With over 15 years of experience, Angela is the expert when it comes to rentals and weddings!

Tell us a little about your company
Party Perfect just celebrated their 21st Anniversary this year and we are on a mission to take our business to the next level. We are under new ownership but the vision is still the same, to make your special event just how you envisioned. Our warehouse has been cleaned of outdated inventory and reorganized with tons of new items. The front of the house has put together an amazing new showroom design center where you can “try on” your linens, china, flatware, and glassware before your event. With our customers in mind, we have recently rolled out a new integrated website that is much more user-friendly. We have been hard at work to bring the best service to you. Come on by our showroom or take a tour of our warehouse where you will see some of the familiar faces of Party Perfect and even some new ones.

How did you get started in this business?
Oh wow – going back 15 years now, I started at Celebrations at the Reservoir as her 1st employee. I did a little bit of everything there and learned so much from the owner, Lori! I moved on to the hotel industry, a rental company and then, started my own wedding coordination business…..Party Perfect approached me last year to see if I would be interested in coming on board with them and I accepted the challenge! It’s been so awesome to see the company evolve as it has this year. We started with getting rid of the old inventory and replacing with new pretties! We’ve updated our image, our website, our warehouse and our showroom to reflect the significant changes.

What’s your favorite wedding story?
I have so many favorites, but this year – we had a bride whose father was doing most of the planning for his daughter and he was so sweet and so funny! He wanted to give the sun, moon, and stars and he surely did! Her wedding was unique, eccentric, beautiful and FUN! It was a wonderful combination and the pictures were just lovely! He was so tearful when he came in afterward – nothing like seeing a father so involved in wedding planning – it was not like the movie, Father of the Bride, at all!

Why do you like working with weddings?
There are several reasons: 1. Every wedding is unique – different bride, different families, different venues, different decor, different guests and therefore, makes each wedding so much fun! 2. I ADORE my brides and typically befriend them along the way so I make lots of new friends for life! 3. There are so many things that couples are unaware of when planning, so it’s my pleasure to help them so they don’t forget the important things and they are always so appreciative. 4. There’s nothing like hearing how much everyone loved the tent, linens and overall look of their wedding when it’s all said and done!

What is the most difficult situation you have faced with a couple and how did you resolve it?
This year, we had a wedding where the couple decided to have drop-and-go catering service for their reception, but didn’t leave anyone in charge of the cleanup at the end. The rentals were left outside for 3 days as the venue has us pick up from them on Tuesdays. The plates had never been wiped free of food leaving whole pieces of cake and even tacos on them in the heat all weekend. Needless to say, it was a very unpleasant pick up for our delivery guys and for our kitchen to clean up. We charge for that and the couple was very unhappy about it. We negotiated the end result with her and in the end, everyone was happy.

From a vendor’s perspective, what is the one best piece of advice you can offer to engaged couples?
Consult the professionals and experts in their respective fields and LISTEN to them – they know what they are talking about and they will lead you down the right path. We are here to help you and to be sure you get the best bang for your buck.

How far in advance should couples book your services?
We suggest anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. If you are having your wedding at a plantation where you have to bring everything in – you should reserve your rentals 1 year in advance.

What inspires you the most / where do you find inspiration?  
I love seeing my “friendors” post pics – I get lots of inspiration from their Facebook and Instagram pages. I also am old school and I love reading wedding magazines. I attend conferences as often as possible to keep up with the latest and greatest trends.

What do you like to do when you are away from work?
I love water – beach, river, lake……doesn’t matter which. =) I enjoy watching my kids play their sports, reality tv, movies, reading books, walking my cute Maltipoo, singing karaoke, dancing, traveling and winery tours!

What would we be surprised to learn about you?
I tried out for American Idol once – right when they increased the age to 29 and I was about to turn 30 – I figured why not? Drove to DC with my best friend and we stayed on the concrete floor of the convention center with smelly feet and strangers……it was the coolest thing I ever did! Never made it in front of Paula, Simon, and Randy, but it didn’t matter. My best friend of 30 years (now) and I got to spend an incredible weekend doing something crazy and fun – something we will never forget!

You can learn more about Angela and the rest of the team at Party Perfect on their website
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