Meet Michelle Walters Airbrush Makeup/Body Artist with Island Glow Sunless Studio, Salon and Beauty BarMichelle and her experienced team know what they’re doing when it comes to bridal beauty! Read how she got started and how she can have you looking flawless on your wedding day!

How did you get to where you are now?
I jumped into what I love the most first, MAKEUP ARTISTRY about 20 years ago and held facials, private appointments, attended makeup workshops around the USA, became a Makeup Educator then learned how to Airbrush Body Makeup/Tanning ten years ago and again, attended airbrush artistry workshops. I even became a national airbrush/contour educator, and have been booked with celebrity clients as well as professional NFL cheerleader teams. I now own two salons in Central VA and have a thriving On-Location Wedding Glam business.

What makes you or your business stand out and why should a couple hire you?
The twenty years of experience I bring to the table, and not just “makeup.” I have learned from the best in the industry and along the way became a sought out Makeup Educator to thousands of upcoming makeup artists. I specialize in various genres but absolutely LOVE wedding makeup the best! I have an outstanding record of professionalism, always punctual and great reviews.

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What’s your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry?
Being a part of a bride’s “MAGICAL DAY” and creating her glamour to bring it all to life!

What’s a unique tip you tell your couples?
Enjoy the journey from beginning to the happily ever end! God brought you two together for a reason, so cherish every single minute of it!

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What’s your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?
Learn to be flexible, keep a sense of humor and remember no matter what, it’s going to be one of the BEST days of your life!

What’s your favorite moment during a wedding?
There are so many moments! But I think in 2019 the one that stands out the most was truly one for the heart. A bride who had lost her mother as a young child had her mother’s wedding dress on display during the ceremony to keep her mother’s spirit very much alive during this day. Truly, not one dry eye in the audience!

What are your favorite wedding trends right now?
People are starting to be okay with color. It used to be taboo to introduce a colored liner or some shimmer into your bridal look. But we’re finding a great way to balance it by keeping the skin bare: coral pinks, pale blues, and rose-gold eye shadows are being blended in or applied minimally in the corner of eyes, in the crease, etc.

How do you de-stress?
Yoga, walk/hike, driving around to see everything in the country/rural areas.

What would your perfect Saturday be like?
Playing golf, visiting a winery, watching a polo match, or just driving around the mountains.

Do you love to travel? If so, what are some must-see destinations?
Anywhere in the USA.

Do you have a pet?
German Shorthair Pointer (GSP) and her name is Sayge. She is a rescue and absolutely love her to death! Full of energy 100% of the time but a huge cuddle bug at night.

What is your most used emoji?
Peace sign ✌️

What is your favorite season of the year and why?
Spring! I absolutely LOVE to garden in both my flower garden and vegetable garden. So, to see all of my flowers open, bloom and smell great is such a sight to see and be proud of.

What’s your favorite family tradition?
Christmas Ski Trip with my family. I have raised my twins (now 26) on the ski slopes since age 3. So every Christmas week, my girls and their husbands travel to whatever ski resort we will be traveling too. This is by far the BEST WEEK of my entire year!

Learn more about Michelle and the rest of the Island Glow team on her website!