By Jennie Carrillo

DO research styles and designers to help find silhouettes and looks you love.

When you arrive for your initial wedding gown appointment, one of the first things your consultant will ask is, “What styles are you interested in?” It’s okay if you don’t know what you want your wedding gown to look like, but having some idea about the silhouettes, fabrics, and styles you think you like will give your consultant somewhere to start. Feel free to show your consultant photos from magazines or gowns you’ve pinned to help give them an idea for the look you’re going for.

DON’T be afraid to try on styles that are different from what you have in mind.

While you might have done tons of research and have a specific style in mind for your wedding gown, things might change once you see the gowns in person. The beading you didn’t like in pictures might look stunning in real life. That fitted silhouette you didn’t think was for you probably looks fabulous on you. Try on different things!

DO ask your most trusted friends and family for their help you find the perfect gown.

Wedding gown shopping is an experience you’ll want to share with those closest to you. Having a few people there who know you and your style can help decide what fit and style suits you best.

DON’T let what your friends and family think sway you from getting the dress you love.

It’s natural to want your friends and family to love your dress, but if your style and preferences differ from theirs, don’t be afraid to choose the dress they didn’t love as much as you did. It’s important to stay true to yourself, and you should be walking down the aisle in the gown YOU want!

wedding gown shopping tips

DO listen to your consultant when she suggests trying on a dress.

Your consultant knows the store’s inventory and has seen dresses altered and changed to personalize the style to the bride. She knows her stuff! Maybe you don’t want a strapless gown but she says there’s one with details you’d love. They may be able to create custom straps to add to it. Give it a shot!

wedding gown shopping tips

DON’T be afraid to tell your consultant what you don’t like.

When you’re not honest about what you think about each gown, it’s harder for her to figure out what to have you try on next. If you dislike something, be honest!  You won’t hurt her feelings if you tell her you hate the dress she suggested you try on. Once she knows it’s not your style she can go in a different direction and find something you do like.

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