A lot of our vendors have met our new sales representative, Briana, but we are  pumped to introduce her to our BRIDES!  Briana is a bride herself and will be married on October 3rd of this year.  She has been planning her Harrisonburg farm wedding since October 6, 2014 (she knows the exact date because she got engaged on October 4th!), and has learned a lot along the way.  Today, we’re sharing 3 things Briana has learned so far that she thought would be super helpful for brides and grooms in the planning process.

Make Sure Your Contracts are Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Briana left finding a DJ up to her fiance, Brandon.  It’s a great idea to keep your fiance involved in choosing vendors, but make sure you communicate about it!  Briana says, “Brandon didn’t realize we needed a contract for the DJ.  He thought a verbal agreement made it a done deal, but it did not, and we had to find another DJ!”

Give Deadlines

If you’re letting your bridesmaids choose their own dresses, set a date that they need to have them ordered by.  Otherwise, you might find yourself with bridesmaids who won’t have a dress in time for the wedding.

Keep Up with Your Calendar

Mark all of your final payment deadlines in your calendar!  “All of my vendors have different deadlines for the final payments,” Briana says.  “Make sure you have those marked so that you won’t be scrambling to take care of a payment at the last minute.”  Briana stays organized with her colorful planner.  She only writes things in pen when they’re concrete plans . . . until then, they’re in pencil!