By Emily Kelsey

There are few things Richmonders love more than a great brunch on the weekend!  Why not make your wedding a brunch event to beat them all?  We could list a hundred reasons why brunch weddings are becoming a big trend, but we’ll focus on the top five.

The Cost

Nearly everything is cheaper for a brunch wedding! Not only are most venues less expensive at those hours, but popular dates that book years in advance are much more flexible for daytime rentals. At many hotels and venues, room rental is half the cost on a Sunday morning as opposed to a Saturday night. The food costs less, folks don’t drink as much, no one is expecting a grand band, the décor is minimal, and the dress and bridal party attire is more casual.  Brunch weddings are how you get more bang for your buck!

The Timeline

No one ever feels rushed during a brunch wedding! There is no 11:00PM cutoff that turns your guests back into pumpkins. You are able to spend more time enjoying your guests, the day and the celebration that is your marriage. You have more time for photos, for eating and for laughing. You can still dance if you want or play lawn games like corn hole, bocce ball, croquet, etc.  You can also spend the rest of the day enjoying your drinks, taking tours of the city or mingling with your friends.  Then take a break and pick the party back up for the evening!  The possibilities are endless.

The Guest List

How many times have you been to a wedding and watched half the guests leave right after dinner because it was getting late for them? Brunch weddings allow your grandma to enjoy the whole day with you, never missing a thing. For those couples with kids or who have a lot of friends with children, brunch weddings are way more family friendly.

The Food

This is the best part! Who doesn’t love brunch food? Everything can be an interactive bar. You can have a bar for coffee, waffles, cereal, biscuits, crepes, parfaits, omelets, Bloody Marys, mimosas and bellinis, or doughnuts!

Creative Desserts

At brunch weddings, you can still have your three-tier cake, but no one will bat an eye if you do cupcakes, pies or cookies instead. You may even make a cake out of crepes or waffles or doughnuts instead! And we haven’t even touched on seasonality. Seasonal flavors always do so well with brunch fare. An October wedding in Virginia would be primetime for cider, apple doughnuts and pumpkin waffles. The favors could be all food based, too! Local coffee from your favorite shop, jam you made using your mom’s recipe, honey from a local farm, or a single serve bottle of bubbly with some OJ.

Brunch weddings are so perfect for a couple on a budget, with kids, on their second marriage, or who enjoys doing something different. For all the trends that have come and gone, we believe this is one that will only grow in popularity.

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