Engagement Rings for the Modern Bride | Diamonds Direct

By Nicole Rubino, Diamonds Direct

It is no surprise that the round brilliant cut diamond has been the most popular diamond shape for centuries. Its classic and timeless style truly sparkles like no other. However, fancy shaped diamonds, which include all diamonds other than a round cut, have risen to the forefront of popularity for the modern, contemporary bride. From the clean lines of an emerald cut to the beauty and curvature of an oval cut, it is essential to educate yourselves on the main differences between each of them. For instance, there is distinctiveness in the dimensions and characteristics of each individual shape, thus it’s essential to see fancy shaped diamonds in person. Also, we mustn’t forget that fancy shapes run you about 20% less in cost, in comparison to their round counterparts.

Oval cut and pear-shaped diamonds are more popular than ever since their gorgeous shape has a lot of unique appeal. Elongated diamond shapes like this create the illusion the diamond is larger in size. Both cuts have an amazing brilliance and fire to them which make them even more desirable. It is important to note that these fancy shapes come in a variety of sizes from slim to wide cuts, so it is necessary to research a variety of diamond dimensions so that you get exactly what you’re looking for. Worn either up/down, east/west, as a solitaire, or a three-stone–oval cut diamonds are also very versatile. With their curved edges there is a great durability factor as there are no pointed edges exposed to potential damage.

The cushion cut diamond has a wonderful brilliance that is seen within this shape, and its curved edges create a very subtle and soft look. A cushion cut combines the square cut of a princess with the round edges of a round cut diamond. Very similar to other fancy cut diamonds, cushions have varying dimensions that make them show up either more squared shaped or more rectangular — so it’s very important to look at a variety of dimensions and sizes. Modern day cushion cuts are classified as modified brilliant and brilliant cushions. Take a look at both to decide which you love the most. Like any diamond purchase, you have to see it with your own eyes.

Step cut diamonds such as emerald and asscher cuts produce a more unique look, with less brilliance, and instead a ‘mirror effect’. This style is best known for its precision and sophistication. With less fire, these cuts create long lines of light and shadows of darkness. Emerald cuts can be square cut similar to an asscher or can appear narrow and rectangular. As for any step cut, it’s important to review all of the diamond’s characteristics prior to making the big decision. Lastly, clarity becomes very important in these shapes, as the table or face of the diamond is more visible causing any imperfections or inclusions to be magnified.

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