The Beauty Poodle Experience

The Beauty Poodle MUA Experience is a hair and makeup company serving weddings and other special events throughout Richmond, VA. This team of traveling artists loves to create bespoke looks that leave their clients feeling gorgeous on the inside and out. By using top-end products, they can produce an array of styles that withstand a night of unforgettable celebration.

Cierra Wilson is the proud owner of The Beauty Poodle MUA Experience. This professional lives by the motto beauty from the inside out. Cierra believes if you look better, you also feel better. She loves nothing more than creating stunning looks that make her client's faces glow in delight.

Ahead of your wedding, this team offers hair and makeup trials. Using your ideas as their guide, they can produce a style that showcases your natural beauty. On the day of your wedding, your stylist can arrive at your venue well ahead of time. Here, you can relax as they get to work in re-applying your bespoke look.

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