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Who And What We Value:

You - Black Tie clients are part of our family from the moment they book with us. They
are fun, easy-going, and looking for a DJ that raises their expectations from what they’ve seen
before. Our clients are not a one-size fits all type of couple. They are modern, intelligent, and

Us - Our DJs work tirelessly to create amazing events for our clients. From
training to planning meetings, our DJs put in the work that has helped Black Tie earn the
strongest reputation in the area for awesome weddings. Each DJ is an individual with their own
personality, their own strengths, and their own flare.

Your Celebration - Weddings can be complicated, but we make them easy. Our DJs put in
quality-time with their couples to focus on planning prior to the wedding. This ensures the event
runs smoothly the day-of so you can enjoy this moment with your family and friends.

Come and design your perfect wedding entertainment with Black Tie now.

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