Capt. Rob’s Pigalicious Barbecue

Tired of going to other people's weddings and eating the same old food? Let Capt. Rob's Pigalicious Barbecue Catering put some "SOUTH IN YOUR MOUTH" with award-winning smoked meats and southern comfort sides.

We are an onsite catering only company that was established in 2010 to provide competition grade meats for any event. Onsite catering only means, high quality, fresh food for the special day. We can cater any of the wedding events that require a meal or appetizers.

Having a wedding but don't want BBQ? We can prepare the same meats in a upscale presentation. We can also do oyster roasts, low country boils, fish fry or Brunswick stew events.

Award-winning BBQ, it's about that first bite. Let us bring southern comfort catering to your wedding.

Pigalicious BBQ. We make life taste GOOD!!!

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Lots of folks ask us for our catering menu packages. We don't do packages. We custom build a menu for each client. We suggest you go to the website, and look at our menu page. Send us your wish list of items and we will line item price everything out. It usually take 2-3 revisions before a menu is finalized. We suggest (to control costs/waste) 2-3 appetizers, 2 meats (one being chicken), 2-3 sides. We can also price out non alcoholic drinks, wedding quality plastic dinnerware, bagged ice, bartender pouring services. With the bartenders, we provide labor only. The client must get all materials, permits and insurance.

Since we are a onsite only service, tastings can be arranged for a fee. We do them on any open Sunday. A menu is selected from the client's master list and you come to Capt. Rob's home in Mechanicsville around 4pm to taste and chat about wedding details . Cost for the tasting is $30.00 per guest with a maximum of 6 guest. The menu is limited to 2 appetizers, 1 meat and 2 sides. Most folks do tasting because they cannot decide between a couple of items.

Misc. Information

Pricing depends on the menu and services selected. Receptions start at $26-$28 per guest.
We will leave leftovers with the client at end of the event if they provide iced coolers or refrigeration.
We can do all wedding events that require award winning smoked meats and southern comfort sides.
Clients get discounts on future bookings no matter the event as we do any event (not just weddings) that the host/hostess wants to enjoy the event versus doing the event.

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