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Fine Creek Candles

Fine Creek Candles is a local family owned business that started over four years ago in Powhatan, VA. Our goal is to provide a variety of quality candles and products that can be enjoyed by many. We offer over 100 fragrances in all different sizes and styles along with custom colors and labeling.

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We started our business when we learned Cindy's full time job as a private nanny was coming to an end. Our long time desire was for her to be able to be home more while still helping to provide for the needs of our family and allowing her to pursue something she was passionate about. After a lot of research, discussion, prayer, and brainstorming, we decided to start our company named Fine Creek Candles. We started with ordering wax, jars, fragrance and dye. We set up in our kitchen and started making candles. Over time we worked hard to perfect our candles, we didn't want to sell something that we ourselves would not purchase. We started with craft shows and our website and now today we are in several local stores and have an office for consulting with brides and clients for weddings and special events.

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