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Inspired By The Dress ~ where inspiration meets creation! Dressing brides in "the perfect dress", Inspired By The Dress creates beautiful, custom made, couture gowns with impeccable fit and design that mirrors the bride's individual style and beauty.

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With a sketch or picture of your inspiration, our in-house custom designing and sewing experts can create your perfect dress. During the initial consultation, you will be measured and you choose your fabric and lace for your dress. From the extensive measurements taken, a pattern is hand-drafted unique to your body shape, size and build. A "mock" dress is then created . The first dress fitting is exciting but quite different from the fittings experienced in retail bridal boutiques. As you stand in front of the mirror in the mock up dress, the organic beauty of your dress design is witnessed as we tweak any fitting issues that may be had in the stage of the process. Your subsequent fitting finds you wearing the dress. We'll discuss, make-up, hair and accessory considerations as we finalize your dress, determining hem lengths, embellishments and/or beading (if any), veil/facsinators, and/or bustling.

If you have already purchased your dress, but need it fitted, Inspired By The Dress offers expert, in-house alterations as well.

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