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Let me share more than tangible items, let me share an experience with you. Bringing you tasteful, sensual, high quality products and ME...your Bedroom Kandi Boutique Consultant. Kay's Kandi offers a full line of luxury, body safe personal and couples massagers, chemical free/vegan friendly bath & body items, and FREE parties full of FUN for all the adventures throughout your wedding planning process!! Contact me today to learn more about me and how I can give you the experience of your dreams!!

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Hosting a party with Kay's Kandi is an added piece of spice to any occasion and not designed to completely take over. As the consultant, I would come to your desired location, set up a display tailored to your theme and speak about the products we offer. Having a range of product allows each party experience to truly suite you and your guest. As the host, you would receive a special thank you gift and as your guests order, even more gifts would flow your way. Hosting a party with your partner can make things even more fun! We specialize in engagement, bachelor, bachelorette, bridal and even an intimate private party for two. Whatever you can imagine, Kay's Kandi wants to provide

Our products are designed with the entire body in mind, sensitivities and allergies included. All of our soft line products are produced in the US with ingredients that are all natural. Our massagers are made from chemical free, body safe, soft material with the female/male experience in mind. None of our products are designed to replace, rather enhance the intimate time you spend with your partner. We offer pheromone infused body mist/lotions for both men and women, edible massage oils, shea butter enriched whipped body butters, and so much more.

Take a few moments to browse the website and contact me anytime for more information.

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