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Lifestyle & Wellness Medical Center is a multi-specialty center, practicing Integrative Medicine. We treat the Mind, Body & Spirit .. all at the same time. By targeting obesity, we are addressing one of the biggest epidemics in the United States.

Our main focus: Doctor supervised, non-surgical weight management. We are treating Obesity and raising awareness about self-care. We have accepted the responsibility of providing our clients with the education, resources and tools so that they can help themselves.

Our main goal: To establish a connection with our clients. This relationship is very important, we honor it, we nurture it. We believe that putting the emphasis back on patient care helps to restore the connections that are being lost throughout the healthcare industry.

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Our services: Our physician Dr. Tania Akers-White performs body contouring and fat reduction procedures with SculpSure and SmartLipo.

SculpSure, the first FDA approved non-invasive, warm laser treatment for fat reduction. Unlike Liposuction, SculpSure is completely non-surgical. SculpSure is safe for all skin types. And there is zero downtime! You can literally have this procedure done on your lunch break and return to work.
SmartLipo, is laser assisted Liposuction. Dr. Tania uses Smartlipo TriPlex, the most advanced form of Smartlipo laser technology that melts away fat cells while tightening skin via a triple wavelength form of laser technology.

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