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When something is lucent it gives off light, glows and is considered to be bright and marked by clarity. These are the types of experiences that define and drive Lucent Events – a passion for people & creating those perfect moments that leave guests talking long after the lights go off. These planned events always hold a finite period in time, but the potential for something from that event to live on with those lucky enough to experience it is what’s powerful.

One of the things we do best is listen – to your dreams, your ideas, your family dynamics, your budget, and your vision for how you imagine such an extraordinary day unfolding. Then we set a plan and people in place to bring it all to life within your budget. That leaves you plenty of time to focus on daydreaming about what it will feel like to walk down the aisle and take the hands of the one you love. Every couple is different so we tailor our services to provide support and planning where you need it most. Learn more about our different packages here.

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