Lyric String Quartet and Windsong Trio

The Lyric String Quartet is an ensemble that has been playing together for fifteen years. We play weddings, receptions, religious services, funerals, and other solemn and frivolous events. We are all classically trained musicians and amongst us, we have played in the Richmond and Petersburg Symphonies and the Williamsburg Sinfonia.

Our repertoire consists of late Baroque, early Classical music and quartet arrangements of more frequently asked wedding music. If requested, we engage a trumpeter to perform with us in weddings

Our repertoire sheet is indicative but not inclusive of our entire repertoire.

We offer two modes of dress: Concert black, which is blacktop and long black skirt; or a more European touch, white top, and long black skirt. If in the event we must have a substitute musician and it is a gentleman, then he will wear a tuxedo.

As the conductor of the Quartet, I arrive one hour before we start to play. This is to assure that last-minute changes go smoothly and communication with the wedding coordinator is facilitated. We do not attend wedding rehearsals.

If there are any questions, please feel free to call me at 804.233.1642.

Thank you,

Jacquelin B. Spears

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