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My name is Roger Falardeau. I founded Moonlight Entertainment more than 35 years ago with the vision of providing quality entertainment for all events at a reasonable price. I provide disc jockey packages that will take your event to the next level.

Moonlight Entertainment is not an agency. When you book me, you get me and my 35+ years of experience. No gimmicks, no costumes. Just a high energy dance party with music designed specifically for you.

For an event to become a success, several elements need to come together. The music and lighting help determine the atmosphere and mood you want to set. They’re also part of what makes the celebration worth remembering. I will ensure that your occasion is an unforgettable and
enjoyable one!

I will work with you to turn your vision into reality. What I’ll do at your wedding or special event is design a playlist specifically for you and work with your event facility to ensure a worry-free experience so you can fully enjoy your day. (With my experience, I can also assist and offer advice with all other aspects of your wedding day)

Call me today for a free consultation and and let's get started planning your event.

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