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You have found the one! The one that puts that sparkle in your eye and smile on your face. The one that makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world. There is nothing like the feeling you have on your wedding day when you are about to walk down the aisle, knowing that you get to spend the rest of your life with this amazing person. Wouldn’t it be nice to capture that emotion and make it last for a lifetime?

You may not remember every song that was played or every detail but you will remember the love that was felt. Your wedding is the beginning of a beautiful love story and I am just the one to tell it, through beautiful photography that highlights the strong long-lasting love that you share.

I have spent the last 10 years and thousands of hours training to be the best photographer, capturing the essence of every emotion, timing the perfect shot and perfecting the art of storytelling through photography. I don’t just take pictures, I tell a story, your story.

I would be honored to participate in the sharing of your beautiful love story for generations to come.


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Claudelle 07/09/18
Wedding Date: 06/01/2018 Venue: Engagement Session

Paige Stevens is amazing!

My fiance and I met Paige at the Richmond Weddings Show in January 2018. Immediately, Paige had both my fiance and me, two shy and introverted people, laughing and talking. We left the expo feeling great about our initial interaction with Paige but still wanted to do our due diligence and talked to a few other photographers in addition to Paige. During our interview call with Paige, she spent the first 30 minutes of the call just inquiring about us and our background and what we were looking for. She is truly a caring photographer who is opened to knowing her clients. We had what now felt like about 30 interview questions and Paige answered them all with patience and professionalism. Because of her personality and the quality of her portfolio (we reviewed pictures from all photographers), we decided to hire Paige.
A month ago, June 2018, we had our engagement session with Paige. Again, Paige was able to quickly make my fiance and I, shy and introverted people who don’t like to be in front of a camera, so comfortable that we forgot she was there and laughed and had so much fun at our session. She listened to our ideas, was open to trying things. She was very easy to work and talk with throughout the session. We ended the session on a high and were so happy with the experience.
A few days ago, we received our pictures from Paige and we can’t stop gushing over them, so much so that we decided to write a review. Besides her professionalism and her easy going personality, Paige is truly talented. Her pictures of us are absolutely gorgeous!! We’ve never, ever had picture taken of us that are this amazing. We are so blown away that we can’t stop gushing over them!! Paige was able to capture who we are so well and now we’ll always have these great memories thanks to her talent. We so look forward to our wedding pictures!!
My fiance and I truly recommend Paige. She is amazing and you can’t go wrong with her.

Dori 03/02/18
Wedding Date: 11/03/2017 Venue: The Dominion Club

Stunning photos!

Paige has seemingly effortless skills in capturing perfect moments. She is very laid back, so it makes the process much more relaxing to be the subject of a photo. She captured us and our 3 year old with ease, and we all know 3 year olds are not the easiest to work with. Her communication skills are on point, and we love how she does minimalistic editing to keep the true beauty of the photos intact.
We LOVE Paige!

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Come look at more of my work on my web site. When you start saying I LOVE HER WORK, then let me know. Your wedding is a new story in your life and I would love to help tell that story for you to cherish for ever. I look forward to hearing from you and most of all thanks for taking a look.

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