WellcomeMD offers Aesthetic and Concierge Medicine Services.

WellcomeMD believes that the best care requires extraordinary insight and a passion for transforming lives.

Erin Stratton is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner with 19 years’ experience in the fields of Aesthetic Medicine and Women’s Health. She is a highly sought practitioner, well-known for her thoroughness, her sensitive and caring touch, and her natural, youthful results. Aesthetics Services like - Botox, Chemical Peel, Derma Fillers, Kybella, and SkinCeuticals.

Dr. Neal Carl starts with a more thorough understanding of your health through genomic profiling, gut health analysis, and an in-depth investigation into the risk factors associated with chronic illnesses - all to create your optimal health plan. By keeping membership numbers small, our physicians have the time to provide the education and advocacy that you need to live a better, longer life.

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The Glow That Says You Are Healthy Inside and Out
Experience the WellcomeMD Aesthetics Difference

An expert by your side - Erin is a Nurse Practitioner with 12 years experience in Aesthetics

Confidence - You will look as good as you feel

Privacy - Everyone will notice, no one will know
Aesthetic care is health care. You can measure and control many things that contribute to your health: sleep, nutrition, stress, and exercise. But no one has complete sway over genetics or time. How we look is often connected with how we feel.

Look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. We make sure what people see on the outside matches the excellent health you’ve worked to achieve.

Nothing less than professional care. Erin Stratton, a nurse practitioner who has over ten years experience in medical aesthetics and performed over 12,000 treatments since 2006.

Everyone will notice. No one will know. Discretion is at the heart of our aesthetics program, as is quality treatment. Thoughtful treatment gets refined natural results.

The WellcomeMD Concierge Difference

Access to the best information provides the understanding required to plan for your optimal health. Supported by the time, team, and tools you need to achieve your goals.

Advanced Genetic Testing - The path to long-term vitality and wellbeing is deeply personal. Your genetics hold valuable information about optimizing your approach to diet, fitness, fatigue, and disease.

A Plan To Feel Better - We measure and improve the factors that determine how you feel and perform. We evaluate your gut health, hormone balance, nutrition, sleep, and stress to help you feel your best.

Investing In Your Health - We exhaustively explore the risk factors for threats to your health and happiness like heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. This approach helps us discover and mitigate issues long before they threaten your quality of life.

We Are A Team - Our job does not stop with good advice. We create, manage, and help you execute a plan for your optimal health. This level of care takes time and attention, so we limit our membership to half the size of most area concierge practices.

Does Your Doctor Offer This?
- Genetic testing and evaluation
- 24/7 Access
- Unhurried, same-day appointments
- Advanced annual physicals
- Physician-driven, individual health plans
- Physician-led weight loss
- In-office lab evaluations
- House calls & local hospital visits when needed
- Coordinate and attend specialist visits when needed
- Diet & fitness consultations