Tips for Memorable Catering

When choosing a caterer, you’re probably going to be focused on a couple key factors; menu for the main meal and staffing to set up, serve and clean. However, they can provide so much more! Here are just some of the ways a caterer can help add special touches to the guest experience

Breakfast, Lunch or Snacks for the Wedding Party: A caterer can deliver breakfast, lunch, and/or snacks for you and the wedding party while you’re getting ready. It’s one less detail to worry about on the busy day, and close friends and family can spend as many of those precious moments with you as possible instead of running out to find a meal for everyone. Not to mention it’s easy to forget to eat when you have the pre-wedding butterflies.

BONUS: It makes for the cutest photo opts!

Pre-Ceremony Drinks and Snacks: You don’t have to wait until after “I Do” for the party to start! Perhaps some of the guests will be arriving early and you’d like them to have something to munch on while they wait to be seated, or if having an outdoor summer ceremony, consider providing beverages to quench their thirst. Have the guests greeted with a glass of sparkling wine as they get ready to celebrate your love story.

Signature Cocktails: Often, the caterer will be overseeing the bar. Offering a signature cocktail (or 3!) helps cut down on lines at the bar. A caterer can help come up with a crowd-pleasing signature cocktail or mocktail that is both seasonal and personal.

Make Sure the Happy Couple is Fed: Between posing for photos and spending time with each guest, it can be hard finding time to enjoy cocktail hour appetizers or even the main meal at the reception. Ask the caterer to set aside cocktail hour snacks, get you that signature cocktail and slice of cake you were looking forward to, or even pack to-go boxes to enjoy after the reception.

Create Custom Menu Items: When choosing a caterer, they’ll provide menus of offerings depending on chosen service style. However, in the industry we recognize that every couple and event is different. Maybe you’d like to pay homage to a dish you had on your first date; or, you’d like to add a spicy sauce with a certain hors d’oeuvre to kick it up a notch. Don’t be shy, ask about adding personal touches to the menu!

Partner with Other Vendors

It’s always possible that you’re looking for something special that the caterer doesn’t provide. Not to fret! If you’re getting a cake from a local bakery, they’ll make sure it’s properly stored and displayed before it’s time to cut and serve to guests. Caterers will work with the venue, planner or day-of coordinator, and any other vendors to ensure every detail is taken care of – and probably feed them too!

Spruce Up the Reception with Food Presentation: It’s obvious that details like rentals, decor, and florals are a big part of creating a beautiful reception. Attractive food presentation is another part of creating a memorable experience for guests. Passed appetizers can be served on individual spoons or in mini bowls for a fun bite. Caterers can incorporate flowers as garnishes on a display or can set up an eye-popping candy bar for dessert with sweets in your colors.

By. Alyssa Nichols, Everyday Gourmet. Alyssa is a wedding and events coordinator for Everyday Gourmet, a full-service catering company based in Richmond and serving Central Virginia. Reach out to them to get your quote today!