By Paula Clark Ramirez with Historic Mankin Mansion

No matter how trends change, one thing that will always remain popular for weddings is the drive to DIY. It goes back to our roots. Weddings were once very personal affairs. The members of a household, community or village would come together and create everything that was needed from the trousseau to the d.cor, to the reception meal and the delicious wedding cake.

DIY Wedding Budget Richmond Weddings Historic Mankin Mansion
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Few couples have the time and talent these days to DIY everything for their weddings, but it can be both fun and fulfilling to take on a few DIY projects together. Here are some that you might consider. They are all reasonable for crafty couples but won’t take over your entire lives so you can still enjoy your special day.

Give Your Hula Hoops New Life
Of all the random household items to rise to esteem in today’s DIY trends, the hula hoop seems an unlikely candidate. However, someone brilliant saw more than just a toy and decided to convert a simple plastic loop into a gorgeous, oversized wreath! As hanging installations soar to popularity, hula hoop wreaths have even more uses. They can form the basis for photo backgrounds, grace doors, altars or special seating areas, or draw attention to a dance floor when suspended from the ceiling. They are light, versatile, fully customizable, and surprisingly doable for most DIY-ers.

DIY Wedding Budget Richmond Weddings Historic Mankin Mansion
Paige Stevens Photography

Printable Projects
The quality of home printers and the availability of printing services at office stores and online makes it easier than ever to handle some of your own stationery design if you’re so inclined. While you might not want to tackle your invitations, you could easily print your own menu cards or programs. There are templates available to help you get started, or you can put your own design talent to the test and come up with your very own look. Locate the exact paper and embellishments you want online, and have fun assembling your work in advance. It’s a great way to have a DIY impact on your event.

DIY Wedding Budget Richmond Weddings Historic Mankin Mansion
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DIY Projects with Pro Support
Many towns now have a local DIY workshop where experts can guide you through constructing and decorating custom signs, accent furniture, and d.cor for your wedding. If you love the idea of taking an industrial palette, for example, and turning it into a backdrop for your sweetheart table but aren’t sure watching a YouTube video qualifies you to operate a saw, a DIY workshop can be heaven-sent.

When you choose a DIY project for your wedding, be realistic about the time and expense. A lot of people believe that DIY is always less expensive than purchasing something from a shop or a store, but this is often not the case. Vendors have access to bulk or wholesale discounts that the average couple does not. Make sure that you factor in the costs, as well as the time and labor it will require to set up and take down your DIY items on the wedding day.

Once you have these details settled and have chosen the perfect DIY projects for your upcoming wedding, sit back and enjoy letting your creativity flow!

Paula and Martin Ramirez are the Proprietors of Historic Mankin Mansion Wedding Resort and Bed & Breakfast. They have lovingly restored this National Landmark to its original grandeur and are honored to share this treasured estate with couples and their families.