By Christy and Derrick Collins with Wild Bridge Films

Investing in professional wedding day videography is on the rise in our world and for good reason. Celebrating one of the most significant days of your life surrounded by your closest friends and family is absolutely worthy of being captured by moving picture! These are moments and emotions you will want to relive for decades. However, there is a common wedding occurrence that can threaten the beauty and authenticity of your wedding film. Here’s something to keep in mind when pursuing videography for your big day.

Christy Derrick Collins Wild Bridge Films Richmond Wedding Videographer Live
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There is a phenomenon going on during weddings today that is not only hurting the potential
for an amazing wedding video, but it’s also stealing the freedom to fully enjoy every second of the day. This phenomenon is our society’s hyper-awareness of wedding day paparazzi. Thousands
of gorgeous, real-life moments are being broken up for the sake of photography and sometimes videography. There can be an unfortunate tendency that as soon as the photographer lowers their camera because they’ve got what they needed, the candid, genuine moment between the happy couple instantly dies. These are moments as significant as a first look or even the first minutes together after your first marriage kiss and ceremony recessional. It is important for the couple to realize that when the photographer is done with the shot, the moment continues to exist…for themselves, their guests and their videographer to capture on video forever. Do not reduce your wedding day to a styled shoot!

Christy Derrick Collins Wild Bridge Films Richmond Wedding Videographer Live
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Before our culture was so photo-aware, people just got married. They enjoyed intimate moments with their dear family and friends, and all of those moments were genuine and pure. Documentation was limited to some awkwardly posed stills with a gaudy backdrop while the video was someone’s uncle with a camera on a tripod (if you were lucky) in the back of the room. If videographers with today’s technology had the ability to go back to those times, what amazing human moments might be captured!

Christy Derrick Collins Wild Bridge Films Richmond Wedding Videographer Live
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When it comes to having your wedding day documented, the thing to embrace above all else is a trust that your love is unique and beautiful, and there is none other quite like it. Your day is worth capturing because it is yours. Seek out a videographer whose work inspires you, then forget about them on your wedding day and just live. Be present. Allow yourself to soak in all the emotions of your day. Don’t work for photographers and videographers — let them work for you and lose yourself in one of the most meaningful days of your life!

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