Content Submissions

  • Articles should be directed toward WEDDING EDUCATION and not be about your specific company or mention your company name. Instead of pitching your services, providing relevant and useful content and solutions to engaged couples is more valuable. You will receive credit for the article in the author bio.
    • Example: YES: 5 Things to Know Before Booking Your Venue. NO: Why you should get married at XYZ Venue
    • Must be 500-1000 words in length.
    • Must be written in the third person (them, he, she) or second person (you).
    • If you’re looking for something additional to directly advertising your company, we can create an advertorial specifically for you. This is an additional cost
Article Submissions
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Photo Bank Submissions

  • No more than 50 photos.
  • ALL photos must be 300dpi and be 12 inches on the long side.
  • Photos must be within the timeframe of last year to present!
  • Please do not send us images that you have submitted in previous years.
  • All of your photos must be individually labeled with your name so we can properly credit you.
Photo Bank Submissions


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