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Virginia Grace is an event management company experienced in providing planning, design, direction and coordination services. Our mission is to delight and inspire our clients by providing unmatched management services that remove stress and create memorable weddings. We listen to understand our clients’ wedding dreams and the details that are most important. We guide the planning process to focus on those details and partner with professional service providers to create stress free wedding memories. We help our clients save time, stay on budget, and savor the moment!


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Margo 08/16/18
Wedding Date: 07/28/2018 Venue: Public Park and hotel

Virginia Grace to the Rescue!

My husband and I live in Richmond and our daughter was getting married in Pittsburgh. We were facing having a stressful/not great time at her wedding because of having to be overly involved with weekend and day-of event execution.

Virginia Grace came to the rescue! Nadia helped us in the weeks leading up to the event with the last minute details and then went to Pittsburgh on the Thursday before the wedding to serve as our coordinator.

Our experience with Virginia Grace not only allowed us to really enjoy the event, but allowed our guests (who were mostly out-of-town family) to experience an organized and fun event in a way that suited the couple who initially had wanted a less organized wedding weekend.

Virginia Grace is extremely organized and detail oriented and is well versed in what it takes to pull off a wedding. Nadia has an exceptional style that I can best describe as "zen yet high energy" that manages to be effective without being overbearing. Everyone including the bride and groom raved about Nadia! Without reservation, I would hire Virginia Grace again for any event coordination needs.

Brandi 10/01/17
Wedding Date: 09/23/2017 Venue: Westin Richmond

Wedding Review

Nadia Anderson of Virginia Grace was excellent to work with! She took my vision and brought it to life. My event was so elegant, classy, and felt like a fairytale. Everyone from my now husband, our guests, to the hotel staff complimented me on how beautiful everything looked. When I saw what Nadia had done, it literally took my breath away. Nadia was so professional and organized and she took away my stress on the planning, coordination, and execution of my wedding. Not only was everything beautiful, it was on schedule and everyone from the vendors to the wedding party knew exactly what to do and when to do it. I truly cannot say enough great things about Nadia as it is obvious that she loves what she does. I would highly recommend Nadia to coordinate anyone's event! Thank you again Nadia!!!

Gwendolyn 04/19/17
Wedding Date: 03/19/2016 Venue: Private Home

Wedding Review

Nadia Anderson of Virginia Grace is a miracle worker. She took on a small budget, a small amount of time and turned my home into this beautiful white and purple wedding space for a day. She utilized the space, glassware, china, and other accents to create a wonderful wedding haven for a day. She was creative in her setting design and the full course meal presentation. The bride and groom were awesomely surprised at the marvelous setting they walked into for their lifelong commitment ceremony. Virginia Grace is the way to go! Thank you.

Daryl 04/19/17
Wedding Date: 10/11/2008 Venue: Virginia Crossings Resort

Virginia Grace does it right the 1st time!!!

Nadia Anderson of Virginia Grace defines professionalism when she's controlling the ins and outs of an event. She graciously took on the role of wedding planner/"catch all" during my wedding and resolved several critical decisions leading up to and on the "day of" and "day after." Nadia was so efficient with paperwork, coordination and everything else that came with making sure there were no hiccups during the festivities. Having a festive personality also allows for Nadia to be a part of the party while she's working. Things run so efficient that she's able to mingle and celebrate with you while all of the gears she set in motion are working in the background. She is truly a gem to have on your side during your event.

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