4 Floral Splurges for your Wedding

By Kim Moody, Owner/Lead Wedding Planner at Kim Moody Design™

Flower budgets come in all sizes. Couples spend a few hundred, a few thousand, and many in the Richmond market are even spending more! Regardless of what you are comfortable with, we encourage you to invest in as many splurges that can be mustered! These are the top four that floral professionals love to design, and they’ll leave your guests with a lasting impression!

1. The Bouquet
The bouquet will be in all portraits, and it’ll be in your arms as you see the love of your life for the very first time walking down the aisle. Be resourceful and think of a creative way to use it during the reception so it gets some additional use!

2. The Altar/Arbor/Huppah
The Altar/Arbor/Huppah or any architectural element that will “create a place” to get married. This is often another heavily photographed area. If strategic you can sometimes work with the florist or planner and figure out ways to repurpose the designs from this area for the reception!

3. Sweetheart or Head Table
Collaborate with the florist to do something exciting at, on, or even over the sweetheart or head table. This is another highly photographed place. Why not add a showstopping floral piece? Placed appropriately, the head table or sweetheart table can be a frame for the dance floor or an attractive backdrop for your reception events.

4. Centerpieces
Utilize a variety of centerpieces to add visual interest. Long gone are the days of all of them matching each other. If hosting a larger event and have over a dozen tables, consider 2-3 different iterations so your eye doesn’t get bored when viewing the space. Adding in different heights, groupings, and variety is really incredible to fill a room!

No matter what your floral budget is, by selecting a few splurge items the guests will be impressed without breaking the bank!

Kim Moody is the Owner and Lead Wedding Planner at the award-winning Kim Moody Design™, a multi-planner design studio that offers floral design and wedding planning under the same roof. KMD was founded in 2004 and has been tailoring its services to brides ever since. KMD has two locations and two retail stores called “trend.”