5 Reasons for a First Look

By Monica Mendoza with MJ Mendoza Photography

There are so many decisions to be made while wedding planning, and we know the excitement at the moment your partner sees you for the very first time. The feelings, the reactions, and all the excitement and emotions that come with it!

More and more couples are opting to go with a “First Look” before the ceremony and it might be something worth debating. Here are five reasons why a First Look is so worth it and why it should be considered!

It’s the only alone time during the wedding day.
You’re spending the morning with best friends and family, everyone except your partner. You’re both surrounded by people all day long. Once the ceremony is finished, it’s immediately off for portraits with family, the bridal party, and finally your new spouse. Phew! Then to the reception to mingle and greet all the guests. It’s a long day full of joy and fun, and at the end of the very it, finally time to be alone together. A First Look offers that special time to take in the precious moment.

Grooms can express their emotions more freely.
While some brides want “tradition,” what they all REALLY want is their grooms to have a priceless reaction to seeing them in their dress for the first time. When waiting until the ceremony, the groom is standing in front of 150+ guests, all looking at him to react. He might be nervous, and he might not want to cry in front of everyone. But during a First Look it’s just you and him. You’re the person who can calm him down the best to make the nerves disappear. He’s ableto express his emotions much more freely and without restraint since it’s an intimate moment. He can cry and you can be embraced, kissed, and told exactly how gorgeous you look in that moment! And don’t worry brides, most grooms who cry during their First Look, cry again when they see you walking down the aisle!

MORE portraits.
Logistics wise, a First Look is AMAZING because the photographer gets to take care of all the pictures before the ceremony even starts! After the First Look, most photographers go right into the bride and groom portraits and then grab the bridal party for the fun!

If families are already there, then those can be finished before the ceremony begins too. The majority are already knocked off before even saying, “I Do,” leaving more time to party or just relax.

Enjoy cocktail hour.
You chose the details and appetizers and maybe even created signature drinks. Now that the hour after the ceremony isn’t spent cramming in all those portraits, there is time to enjoy one of those cocktails, eat some hors d’oeuvres and mingle.

The day is more relaxed.
After the First Look, those nerves can fly out the window as there were a few moments spent with just each other. Your groom got to express how beautiful you look. There was crying and laughing together and now relaxation!

First Looks have gotten so popular and for good reason. Wedding days can be nerve-wracking but choosing to spend most of the day with your best friend and sharing a quiet moment will not be a choice regretted.

Monica Mendoza is the owner and lead photographer at MJ Mendoza Photography. From her first wedding in 2015, Monica loves to capture and celebrate joyful & genuine couples in love with a bright and colorful photography style. You can reach her online at www.mjmendozaphotography.com. All photos courtesy of MJ Mendoza Photography.