8 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth

Andrea Maradiaga Richmond Photo booth reasons photo booth wedding photos and Article by Andrea Maradiaga with Richmond Photobooth

Still on the fence about adding a photo booth to your wedding? We’re here to help!

1. Entertainment for your guests.
While you’re off with the photographer taking pictures and cocktail hour is winding down, a photo booth is a great addition to the beginning of your festivities. Break the ice with your guests and help them get to know each other! There’s nothing like a good photo booth prop to bring two (or more!) people together.

2. Perfect wedding favor.
Most photo booths offer unlimited prints for every guest, providing them with the perfect wedding keepsake and saving you some serious cash. You can customize them with wedding graphics, logos, and even say thank you right on the print! Ditch the bubbles and matchboxes your guests will just end up throwing away. When’s the last time you threw away a picture of yourself? Your guests will put the print on their refrigerator to remember your wedding for years to come.

Andrea Maradiaga Richmond Photobooth reasons photo booth wedding

3. Bring in the props!
Breathe some of your personality and your sweetheart’s into your wedding day with larger than life props. Maybe you have a cut-out of your alma mater’s mascot or a saying that is special to the two of you. You and your guests will have a blast trying on the different props and laugh along the way.

4. See a completely different side of your wedding and wedding guests.
The photos from your photographer will be absolutely gorgeous, but many people see the big camera and freeze. In front of a photo booth adorned with props, your guests can let loose and you’ll see the FUN side of your wedding day! And since it’s not just a “selfie station,” you and 15 of your closest guests can fit into the shot!

Andrea Maradiaga Richmond Photobooth reasons photo booth wedding

5. Professional photos for your guests to share using your hashtag.
Photo booths are a lot like polaroid cameras. Your guests will have instant, high-quality pictures that they can have sent to their phone. Encourage your guests to post their silly pics using your hashtag!

6. Help capture memories that your photographer might miss.
A photographer and his/her assistant can only be in so many places at once! Capture those precious moments at your photo booth.

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7. Use it as a Guest Book.
Have your guests sign their prints and put them all in a guest book with their well wishes! Another box marked off!

8. It’s something fun.
Cheesing in front of a photo booth is just plain fun for both you and your guests. Laugh the night away while capturing moments you’ll cherish forever.

Andrea Maradiaga is the Owner/Creative Director of Richmond Photobooth. They provide a modern style photo booth to events all over Virginia focusing on custom prints, modern backdrops, and unique props! For booking inquiries please check out their website at www.804photobooth.com or contact: Andrea Maradiaga at andrea@804photobooth.com.