Add a WOW Factor to Your Cocktail Hour

By Kim Moody, The Estate at River Run

River Run cocktail room

The cocktail hour is typically immediately following the ceremony before the formalities of the reception begin. Usually, during this time, you and the wedding party will be taking pictures, so it’s important that there’s a sense of entertainment for the guests while they mingle and socialize.

If the venue happens to be historically significant, architecturally interesting or has a fun history, the cocktail hour is the perfect time to highlight these unique elements. As your guests line up at the bar, give them a history lesson at the same time!

estate at river run

Hayes & Fisk Photography

Connect with your venue, and see if they can provide a docent to lead a couple of guided tours during the cocktail hour downtime. If a guide isn’t available, perhaps organize a scavenger hunt with fun facts about the property. Consider a bingo-style card to send your guests in search of items to help them connect the dots. Fun games like this encourage movement throughout the property, and it’s a fantastic experience guests are bound to remember.

Every property has a story to tell and you can use that story as a tool to create a unique experience on your wedding day. At the very least, give them some fun facts about the property in their programs or on a cocktail napkin!

estate at river run night

Hayes & Fisk Photography

Kim Moody is a Proprietress and Director of Events at The Estate At River Run, the area’s newest luxury venue in Goochland. Kim is also the Lead Wedding Planner at the award-winning Kim Moody Design™, a multi-planner design studio (since 2004!) that offers services exclusively to clients at The Estate at River Run. Learn more on their website: <All photos taken at The Estate at River Run> Photo below by Faith Photography.