Be Our Guest!

By Alexa Jupe with Marylee Marmer Events

The time has finally come! It’s your wedding weekend, and guests from all over are coming to celebrate your big day. With so many people arriving, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and that there’s just no way you can greet every single guest and make sure they’re accommodated.

Welcome bags are the perfect way to give your guests that warm greeting and help get them excited for the weekend to come. From locally sourced goods to a detailed itinerary for the weekend, we have the perfect recipe to assemble a Richmond goodie bag so your guests will feel right at home!

RW Tip
Welcome gifts are the perfect addition to your wedding weekend, but they require a good amount of creativity and time. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone! Check out our article on page 18 by Noelle with Gifted RVA! As an expert in welcome gifts, she let us in on some locally sourced ideas and estimated costs!

Versatile Carryall
It’s all about the presentation! Make sure you put your guest’s goodies in a bag that is durable and looks beautiful. One idea is using a canvas tote as they are sturdy and can be reused as a beach bag or even during their weekly grocery trip! Use this as an opportunity to design something that your guests will remember and ultimately use again.

Event Lineup
It’s important that your guests feel informed and up-to-date with all the information and plans of your big day. Insert a sheet that has everything they need to know including an event timeline, important locations, dress codes, addresses, phone numbers for wedding contacts, and any other important information.

Local Flavors
Give your out-of-town guests a taste of local Richmond flavors with snacks that are a representation of our beautiful city. For example, try a small pouch of Virginia Peanuts with a cute “nuts about you” gift tag. Peanuts are central to the Virginia area and something easy and yummy to munch on. Another cute idea is including a “free donut” or “free cookie” coupon for a local favorite that you and your sweetheart just can’t get enough of.

Something to Sip On
It’s going to be a long day! Give your guests a bottle of water (or two) to keep them hydrated without sending them to the hotel lobby cafe. Incorporating a cute personal label with your wedding colors is an easy way to keep the theme of your weekend alive. Adding a small bag of ground local coffee is a nice idea for guests to bring back some local tastes.

Add Some Favorites
Put a personal touch to your bag by including items you and your significant other love or speak to you as a couple! Maybe it’s a certain candy that your fiancée loves, a keychain from your favorite local hangout, or a signature RVA decal! The details that capture your quirks as a couple makes for fun welcome bag additions that your guests are sure to love.

Local Hotspots & Hangouts
Help your guests enjoy their downtime away from the wedding events by providing them with some of Richmond’s must-sees! Since our area is known for its history and breweries, providing information regarding museum destinations and brewery tours would make for a nice local touch. Keep it personal by highlighting the place where you had your first dinner date or the park you like to take walks in as a couple. Be sure to provide a small map or guide of Richmond in each welcome bag.

Emergency Kit
Create a small emergency kit with things that your guests may find themselves needing during your weekend. Add in some Advil®, Band-Aids®, stain remover, or even Emergen-C® to keep those travel germs away. It’s true, you never know when a cold is going to strike so help keep your guests prepared. Your friends and family will thank you!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Your welcome bag is a great opportunity to thank your guests for making the trip to be a part of your special day. Include a thoughtful letter pinned to the front of your bag to welcome them and tell them how thankful you are that they were willing to share your special day with you. With all your other goodies in your bags, it may be easy for guests to overlook your letter. Pinning the letter to the front of the bag will make sure that guests don’t miss a beat. And don’t forget to give a quick rundown of the items in your bag and provide a backstory when needed.

Alexa Jupe is a Lead Planner for Marylee Marmer Events, a full-service event planning company. To learn more how Alexa can help plan the event of your dreams, visit