By Angela Smith

So, you love what you see on the blogs and in the gorgeous magazine spreads, and you want to wow your guests with your reception decor. You start with linens because you’re savvy enough to know that they make a huge impact in your overall look. Were you aware, though, that you aren’t limited to just cool colors or a pretty pattern? You can make an even bigger bang with one of the many textured linen options available today!

There is a wealth of options out there for every couple. Here are some of our strategies for incorporating great linen:

  • Start by reading what’s in and what’s out, and stalk the “what’s hot” lists online and in print. If you educate yourself about linens and what styles you like, it’s a great way to get exactly what you want.
  • Some couples fear that textured linens will cause a nightmare of spilled glasses and unbalanced table items. However, this is generally not the case as most of the textures that appear sharp or crisp are actually very soft.
  • Sequin linens, with their glam and stunning effect, are highly popular right now. They are the perfect touch for a highly stylish event.
Champagne sequin linen tablescape by Posh PR Photographed by Shalese Danielle Photography
Champagne sequin linen tablescape by Posh PR
Photographed by Shalese Danielle Photography
  • In our region, burlap is still a crowd favorite and often plays a roll in weddings themed “rustic glam” or “rustic elegant.” It can be used as a table runner on bare farm-style tables, or as a full linen over standard guest tables.
  • Lace is an up and comer this year, either as an overlay for a poly linen, paired with a different color overlay or to trim burlap in those rustic chic designs.
  • Some really unique linens are starting to show up in local rental inventories. Brickhouse has a feather appeal, Florence is subdued but dynamic and “rose-ribbon” looks like dainty little flowers! Ask your rental specialist what your textured options are.
Florence in raspberry
Florence in raspberry

Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Remember, all parts of your reception deserve some design love from cocktails through dinner and dancing. Experiment with a little texture – you won’t be sorry!

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