Andrea and Seth
February 26, 2022

When the tricks turn into treats, the the Halloween fairytale of Andrea and Seth begins. They both have a huge passion for working in the wedding industry, but who knew that would lead to their own happily ever after? Through mutual friends, Andrea and Seth met on Halloween night. The two were “just friends” for a while before they became official. Once they started dating, as Andrea says, “the rest is history.”

As the devoted businesswoman she is, Andrea was partaking in a styled shoot for her company. As she was prepping for headshots, she turned around and Seth was down on one knee. She had NO idea, and it was the sweetest surprise. The big question was followed up with a pop, a toast, and a sip of champagne, accompanied by lots of calls to friends and family to celebrate.

The two are no strangers to the wedding world, so they both knew exactly what they wanted from the start. Leeloo, their adorable furry friend, started the night off by walking down the aisle with Seth. They had a beautiful Jewish ceremony, and Seth’s family took turns reading passages.

It was of major importance to them to have Andrea’s ethnicity and Seth’s Jewish background implemented into the wedding. So after the ceremony, the guests headed to cocktail hour, where they enjoyed Spanish music and Spanish inspired appetizers topped with a mini-Nicaraguan flag.

As big foodies, they worked super hard on making sure the menu was just right. Alongside having a love for food, they also made sure the music would WOW the guests, especially since Seth is a wedding DJ!

It can be super easy to get wrapped up in everything going on that you forget to just enjoy the moment. For Seth and Andrea, they made sure to take everything in and enjoy each other. One of their favorite moments was getting to take photos with their family. They felt like time was standing still and they could just be surrounded by their loved ones. After the ceremony, the two stepped away to be alone, and waved at the guests from the balcony while they were enjoying Nicaraguan inspired appetizers & their signature drinks.